Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Nugget

Nugget needs your help!

Nugget needs emergency surgery after being hit by a car!

Nugget and his guardian Genelle share an unbreakable bond—they’ve been inseparable since the day they met at a rescue shelter. Nugget, the sweetest, most loving, and vocal cat is currently in need of urgent support.  

While Genelle was at work, Nugget managed to get out of the house and was found severely injured close to his home. Genelle left work and rushed to Nugget’s side. He was found in immense pain, with a severely injured eye.  

The vet determined that Nugget needed to be hospitalized immediately, and that he will also need emergency eye enucleation surgery and jaw repair. Genelle, working full-time trying to save for her education, has poured all her savings into Nugget’s initial care, including diagnostic testing and round-the-clock hospital care. She is now out of funds reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for help affording the life-saving surgery Nugget still needs.  

I’m asking if you could please consider donating towards Nugget’s life-saving surgery. With your help, Nugget can return home to a pain-free and happy life with the care and love of Genelle.

Can you donate today to help Nugget?


Give a gift for animals this Giving Tuesday

Your gift helps animals!

Vancouver Humane Society is partnering with The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary this Giving Tuesday to make life better for animals!

Between now and November 28, you can donate directly to our joint campaign. We are also looking for businesses and individuals to support this campaign through matched giving donations. Check out our sponsorship package for more details.

Every supporter that donates towards the Giving Tuesday campaign will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win one of four prizes: a $25 gift card to The Burrow, a $50 gift card to Vegan Supply, a $100 gift card to Wild Jasmine Apothecary, or a prize package of five classes at both Lagree West and RIDE Cycle Club.

How your donation helps

The Happy Herd provides a loving home to over 65 animals rescued from the farming industry. 

In 2023, the welcomed Noodles, a 2-week-old goat who suffers from a neurological disorder, a goat named Percy, and three chicks. Inflation has had a huge effect on Happy Herd’s costs this year. Hay has doubled in price, and previously donated produce is now being charged for. Rising costs of gas have pushed hoof trimming and shearing services up by 25% since last year. Happy Herd has even lost access to straw that had typically been donated from movie sets due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, creating an unexpected additional expense for the sanctuary. 

Your generous support of this campaign will have a lasting impact on the lives of the animals who call The Happy Herd home.

Since 1984, the Vancouver Humane Society has been supporting individuals, organizations, and governments to take action for the welfare and rights of animals influenced by human activities. Whether advocating against rodeo cruelty, providing emergency vet funds for companion animals in low income homes, offering resources to help people and businesses choose plant-based options, or lobbying for policies that minimize harm to animals, VHS is dedicated to ending animal suffering in all forms. All donations to VHS will go directly toward vital programs and advocacy work in order to create a kinder world for all animals.

Thank you so much for your support of both of our organizations!

  • Panago – On Tuesday, November 28th, Panago locations across BC will offer $15 large plant-based pizzas when you use the coupon code PLANT15. $1 from every plant-based pizza sold will be donated to the VHS and Happy Herd Giving Tuesday Campaign. Panago has also committed to match donations made to the Giving Tuesday Campaign up to $2000!
  • Sprouted Oven – will be donating 3% of their sales on Giving Tuesday.
  • The Burrow – will be donating a gift card for a Giving Tuesday prize draw.
  • Vegan Supply – will give customers the option to add a donation to the VHS and Happy Herd on November 28th. All customers that donate $5 or more at Vegan Supply will be entered into a prize draw to win a $50 Vegan Supply gift card. Vegan Supply is also donating a gift card for a Giving Tuesday prize draw for all those that donate via the VHS.
  • Vegan Yarn – will be donating 25% of their sales on Giving Tuesday.
  • Wild Jasmine Apothecary – will be donating a gift card for a Giving Tuesday prize draw.
  • RIDE Cycle Club – will be donating a 5 class pack for a Giving Tuesday prize draw.
  • Lagree West – will be donating a 5 class pack for a Giving Tuesday prize draw.
Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Kitty

Thanks to the overwhelming support from our community of kind-hearted donors, Kitty was able to receive the critical veterinary care he needed. Kitty is now back home with his devoted guardian, Eric. The McVitie Fund is increasingly busy, providing funding for an average of 16 pets per week since the beginning of November 2023. Please consider giving a gift to help animals and guardians who are in need right now, so they too can have their happy ending.

Kitty is back home thanks to an outpouring of support! Can you donate to save more animals like him?

Kitty needs urgent veterinary care!

Without hesitation, Eric took in his mother’s cat, Kitty, after she passed away.

Still reeling from this recent loss, Kitty and Eric were quick to bond and have been a great source of comfort and companionship to each other through this tragedy.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before crisis struck again. Eric noticed that Kitty could no longer urinate. 

Unable to afford a taxi or bus fare, Eric carried lethargic Kitty across town in his arms, arriving at the vet in tears and asking for help.

Veterinary staff acted quickly and discovered Kitty is suffering from a severe urinary blockage. If left untreated, blockages of this nature are fatal. Immediate veterinary attention is vital to save Kitty’s life.

Eric’s emergency funds have been depleted in the aftermath of the loss of his mother and in getting together everything needed to give Kitty a home.

Imagining the loss of beloved Kitty so shortly after his mother’s passing is unbearable for Eric. 

I’m asking if you could please consider donating towards Kitty’s life-saving care today. With your help, Kitty can return home to spend many more good years of companionship and healing with Eric.

Can you donate today to help Kitty?

Urgent Care

Urgent veterinary care for Ghost

DOUBLE your donation toward Ghost’s care

Your donation to help Ghost will be DOUBLED
Once lively Ghost is declining and needs your help!

Sweet Ghost normally has a vibrant and energetic personality, but he has recently become lethargic and withdrawn, not even showing desire in eating his food and treats. His loving guardian, Robert, has tried everything to help Ghost but seeing the behaviour persist caused Robert to worry severely.

After an initial examination, it was determined that Ghost would require further testing to determine the cause of his decline. Unfortunately, the cost of the hospitalization and specialized testing is beyond Robert’s financial means.

Determined to give Ghost the best chance at a healthy and happy life, Robert has reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for support.

An anonymous donor is currently generously matching all donations toward the VHS’s McVitie Fund, up to $25,000! This means your donation will have double the impact. Can you donate today to help Ghost?


Find unique gifts & help animals at VHS’s online auction

Join the VHS for an exciting online auction this fall!

There are more than 100 items available to bid on in the online auction, all generously donated by local businesses.

Some of the incredible gifts donated by local businesses

The auction will run from October 16-23.

There’s something for everyone in the auction, including: treats for your furry companion, vegan beauty and skincare products, and delicious plant-based restaurant gift cards! The silent auction is the perfect place to purchase unique holiday gifts for loved ones or to treat yourself to something special, and all for a good cause.

Here’s how to register to start bidding!

1. Head to the VHS BiddingOwl auction site.

2. Select ‘Register’ in the top right of the page:

3. Enter your information and select ‘Sign up’

This year’s auction aims to raise $11,000 and we can’t do it without you! All proceeds from the auction will go towards the VHS’ work to advocate for animals.

Learn more about the VHS’s programs and advocacy work to see how your purchase at the auction helps animals.

The VHS is so grateful to the following businesses that are supporting the online auction:

  • annie ross
  • Arts Club Theatre Company
  • Ashley O’Mara Art
  • AspenClean
  • Barrington Brolly
  • Blue Jellyfish SUP
  • Blume
  • Bonus Bakery
  • brEAThe Kitchen
  • CARE Network
  • CHOMP Vegan Eatery
  • Cindy Whitehead
  • Clarity Apothecary
  • Coco Cake Land
  • Core Community
  • Cozy Kitty Crafts
  • Designs for You Baskets
  • Drby Pet Co.
  • Eleanor Boyle
  • Elena Markelova
  • Eva Taylor Art
  • Gabrielle Haynes Art
  • Give Your Dog A Bone
  • Goh Ballet
  • Grounded People
  • Homecoming Candles
  • Huha
  • Hustle
  • Infofit
  • Authors Janie Chang and Kate Quinn
  • Jaybird
  • Jet Pet Resort
  • Jokes Please!
  • Karin Taylor
  • Karyn Hatt
  • Kate Metten Ceramics
  • Kevin Donahue Art
  • Kits Beach Beer
  • Kokomo
  • Level V
  • Line Spa
  • Little Vegan Treats
  • Londre
  • Meet
  • Meowbox
  • Mild Tofu Ceramics
  • Nam Vegan Express
  • Naturally Urban
  • Off The Record Counseling
  • Pacific Arts Market
  • Paliotti’s Westside
  • Panela Lemon
  • Plant Based Treaty
  • Plant Curious
  • Planted Meals
  • PNE Winter Fair
  • Poplin & Co
  • Poshy Paw
  • Pumpkins After Dark
  • Pure Barre
  • RVN Wellness
  • Sarah Hammond Studio
  • Seliya Arts and Crafts
  • Shelley Tetz
  • Silly of the Valley
  • Simply Natural
  • Siracha Revolver
  • Spin Society Mount Pleasant
  • Spreadem Kitchen
  • Sprouted Oven
  • Strange Fellows Brewing
  • Sweet Leilani
  • Ten + Eight Creations
  • Teresa Knight
  • Terraluv & Nice Shoes
  • The Burrow
  • The Hive
  • The Improv Centre
  • The Pie Hole
  • To Live For
  • UBC Opera
  • Vancouver Canucks Alumni Association
  • Vancouver Water Adventures
  • Veg Out
  • Vegan Family Kitchen
  • Vegan Supply
  • Velveteen Vintage
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Virchew
  • Zimt
Urgent Care

Companion animals in need are counting on your generosity

DOUBLE your donation toward pets in need

Now more than ever before, pets like Pishi need your help.

The McVitie Fund is providing an average of nine pets in critical condition with funding for the life-saving veterinary care they need every single week at the VHS.

But the impacts of rising costs are becoming more and more apparent. The VHS has seen an increase in demand from distressed low-income animal guardians looking for help and a drop in funds to support this vital work.

Pishi’s Story

Once a playful and outgoing pup, Pishi had become lethargic, lost interest in food, then to her guardian Maya’s horror, stopped eating completely.  

At the clinic, vets found Pishi had dangerously low kidney function and x-rays showed a potential blockage in her digestive system. Further testing and possible surgery were needed to keep Pishi alive.

Before Pishi’s devastating condition, Maya suffered a serious workplace injury that left her unable to work, depleted her savings, and ultimately led to her becoming unhoused.

Maya visited Pishi twice each day at the vet clinic because she couldn’t bear the idea of Pishi hooked up to strange and scary machines, confused by her new surroundings and thinking Maya had left her on her own.

With Maya’s love and the help of kind McVitie fund donors, Pishi was able to receive the testing and care she needed to leave the vet with her best friend, Maya. 

Your gift today will DOUBLE in impact

The McVitie Fund is only made possible through the generosity of supporters like you in the community, and right now, program expenses are far exceeding the gifts that make life-saving care like Pishi’s possible. For loving animal guardians like Maya, the McVitie Fund offers a lifeline of vital support when their companion animals become sick or injured. 

Right now, an anonymous donor is generously matching all donations made toward the VHS’s McVitie Fund, up to $25,000!

This means your donation of any amount will go twice as far in helping pets in need like Pishi.


Making a kinder world: Because They Matter

Several hundred residents of the Downtown Eastside community visited the Because They Matter table in Pigeon Park on Sunday, July 23, all eager to pick up high-quality supplies for their beloved pets. Event participants also spoke with many pet guardians about accessing the VHS’s free veterinary care assistance programs.  

Each person who connected with the team had a unique journey, and all had incredible bonds with their pets.

Here are some of the amazing people and pets who visited the Vancouver Humane Society’s table in Pigeon Park and shared their shared their stories of resilience and unconditional love.

In all, the VHS team and event participants handed out thousands of pet supplies and around 400 pamphlets about the Vancouver Humane Society’s veterinary assistance programs.

The VHS’s veterinary support programs help animals get the care they need while staying with their loving families. The need for these programs is growing every year, and it is essential that this need is met to make sure loved animals get the care they require without having to be surrendered to the already overflowing shelter and rescue system. The VHS’s veterinary support programs are only possible through the help of donations from animal lovers like you. 

Can you make a donation toward VHS’s $15,000 Because They Matter fundraising goal to help animals and the people who love them?

Yes, I can make a gift to help animals