Helping pets in need

What would you do if you had no money, no credit, and your best friend needed veterinary care?

The Vancouver Humane Society team knows that the love between a human and their companion animal knows no bounds. That’s why VHS’s companion animal programs focus on keeping loved pets in their homes.

People who are experiencing a period of life with low or no income still love and care for their pet companions. Sadly, animal guardians who cannot afford emergency veterinary care are often faced with an impossible choice: allow their animal to suffer, or surrender them to a shelter to get the care they need.

We know that these aren’t just ‘pets’. They are Harvey, or Sophie, or Clover, or Oliver – individuals who have strong relationships with their families, who offer solace, emotional support, and unconditional love. When these animals get injured or sick, they need a safety net so they can stay in their loving homes. VHS’s programs are here to make sure they get the help they need.

How you can help


See the animals getting help for urgent care

Their stories tell us how animals are our heroes. They give us strength to overcome addiction, face loss, and set goals for the future. Now, the animals need our help. They are sick, or injured – sometimes both.


Get access to the help your pet needs

Are you experiencing low-income from disability, fleeing from a bad situation, coming out of foster care, or something else? Get more information about our veterinary assistance program.

Find resources for spay & neuter

Find resources for spay & neuter

Due to budgetary constraints, the VHS is currently not able to fund spay/neuter and vaccination care. If you require preventative care or non-life saving treatment for your pet, please see these resources.

Latest news

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Life-saving care for Birdie

Can you donate to save Birdie? Birdie needs urgent veterinary care!Your compassion can help bring Birdie home healthy.When Esther returned to an eerily quiet home, her heart sank. Normally her kitten, Birdie, comes chirping towards her, his tail high, eager to sniff and greet her.In contrast to Birdie’s typical boundless energy, Esther found Birdie hiding…


Does the Vancouver Humane Society offer animals for adoption?

The Vancouver Humane Society does not operate an animal shelter. Instead, VHS’s companion animal programs focus on keeping loved pets with their caring families and out of the overburdened shelter and rescue system.

To see adoptable animals, please visit this directory for a list of Paws for Hope Network Partners, some of which offer animals for adoption. Thank you for adopting!