The Informed Animal Ally Podcast

Discussions on cruelty, legislation, advocacy, and more

As an animal ally, it can be tough to sift through Canada’s complex patchwork of animal protection laws. The Vancouver Humane Society is here to help! VHS’s monthly podcast, The Informed Animal Ally, covers the ins and outs of topics like cruelty, legislation, and advocacy here in B.C. and across Canada.

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Podcast: Lessons from grassroots advocacy

Grassroots advocates have the power to mobilize communities and influence policies to improve animal well-being. In this month’s episode of The Informed Animal Ally, two grassroots advocates share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned in calling for…


Podcast: 10 years of animal cruelty investigations

One animal cruelty investigation tells a story. A decade of investigations reveals a pattern. Important action: British Columbia is currently updating its Farmed Animal Welfare Framework. Can you support major changes to protect farmed animals in B.C.? Take…