The Informed Animal Ally Podcast

Discussions on cruelty, legislation, advocacy, and more

As an animal ally, it can be tough to sift through Canada’s complex patchwork of animal protection laws. The Vancouver Humane Society is here to help! VHS’s monthly podcast, The Informed Animal Ally, covers the ins and outs of topics like cruelty, legislation, and advocacy here in B.C. and across Canada.

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Podcast: Who ensures cruelty laws are followed?

We’ve discussed the laws and regulations in place to protect animals, and the gaps in those regulations that cause animals to suffer. This month we learn: what processes are in place to ensure the regulations are being met?…


Podcast: Live horse exports

Every few weeks, shipments of gentle draft horses are packed three or four to a crate and loaded onto planes for the long, stressful journey overseas for slaughter. Horses shipped for slaughter can go 28 hours without food,…