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As an animal ally, it can be tough to sift through Canada’s complex patchwork of animal protection laws. The Vancouver Humane Society is here to help! VHS’s monthly podcast, The Informed Animal Ally, covers the ins and outs of topics like cruelty, legislation, and advocacy here in B.C. and across Canada.

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Podcast: Farmed animal cruelty laws

Industrial animal agriculture has been called the biggest animal welfare crisis on the planet, with more than 70 billion land animals killed for food each year. The Sentience Institute estimates that 74% of farmed animals are currently on…


Podcast: Companion animal cruelty laws

Millions of pet guardians across Canada consider our furry friends to be part of the family; but what happens when companion animals are the victims of cruelty? The first episode of the Vancouver Humane Society’s podcast, The Informed…