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The horse-drawn trolley in Stanley Park is a tragic accident waiting to happen. Horses should not be in urban traffic, which unsafe and exposes them to pollution while working in all weathers on hard pavements. Join our call to the Park Board to remove the trolley from the park.

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Support for women and pets fleeing homelessness

Support for women and pets fleeing homelessness Will you match our $30,000 grant for a bigger impact? Women and pets experience homelessness in more potentially dangerous ways than men. Women are uniquely affected by homelessness because they are less likely to appear in shelters, drop ins, public spaces or access social services. They may continue…

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In the dairy industry, calves are separated from their mothers shortly after being born, a standard industry practice that is distressing for both mother and calf. Learn more:

In the dairy industry, calves are separated from their mothers shortly after being born, a standard industry practice that is distressing for both mother and calf. Learn more: See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook In the dairy …

imagine if humans did that to humans

So so so heartbreaking shortly after they're slaughtered for VEAL which most people don't realize its baby cow 🐮🐮🐮🐮💔

Dumb idea and heartbreaking. Smarten up people ,

Dairy alternatives are so much better!

Humans. 😥 This is really sad.

Very sad that humans would do this.

It’s mean and horrible. They put them outside in huts tied by their necks disgusting and bring them milk when they need it


Those calf’s are kept in a very small enclosure, ( so they don’t develop muscle) hence no exercise. Fed milk based, “ slop”, ( that’s what it looks like) until they are slaughtered. So the next time you order Veal Scallopini, Veal Chops, etc. Please give a thought to that Cow, bawling for her Calf, and the Calf, isolated, scared, bawling for its Momma. To separate a baby from it’s Mother, to me, is abusive. 🤬

They are driven between BC and Alberta in transport trucks in all weathers and freezing conditions even while the driver rests over night and sleeps in golden BC when it’s minus 30s 40s no food no water no walking Trapped in cages mooing pains all night long So very sad we treat animals this way

So many don't understand the anguish and pain these sentient creatures face. Thank you Vancouver Humane Society for being a REAL advocate for animals! We can all make simple changes in our lives.

Dam heartless monsters innocent animals tortured and murdered 😢 for money and selfish people to eat 😢 💔

I boycott milk & milk products!!! Absolutely disgusting 🤬 How do these people sleep at night??? You have to be a psychopath.

More than distressing. Heartbreaking. The cows call and call for two weeks day and night. The calves are scared and shut down. It’s beyond cruel

Very sad

I truly can't fathom, eating veal.

Gross red meat. Cancer anyone? A little bit of heart disease? How about some diabetes?

This has to stop

Never have. Never will.

Despicable to remove calf from mom …they place in small cubicle where they can barely move …all this torture so humans can have veal on their dinner plate …I’m vegetarian / vegan best lifestyle

There absolutely needs to be stiffer penalties, laws and accessibility for humane law enforcement to humanely regulate and enforce the livestock industry. There is huge gap ! A good livestock farmer usually has no proble s

Needs to stop

Mother shouldn't be separated from calf what a sin!

Give up red meat and dairy milk. You will be much healthier and there will be less cruelty for cows and calves. So many forests cut down for cattle. We need to change!

Human breeders are walking evil. WAKE UP the world doesnt belong to u

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