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What happened at the Calgary Stampede rodeo and chuckwagon races in 2024?

Photo: Sportsnet Four animals were killed in the Calgary Stampede’s animal events in 2024: three horses used in chuckwagon racing and a steer used in steer wrestling. This was the deadliest event since 2019 and brings the death toll at the Stampede’s animal events to at least 109 since 1986. Animals were also roughly handled…

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“Enough is enough”: Fourth animal euthanized in the Calgary Stampede rodeo and chuckwagon races Take action VANCOUVER, July 14, 2024 – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is calling for an end to the Calgary Stampede’s inhumane rodeo and chuckwagon races after a fourth animal has died in this year’s events.  In the eighth heat of the races last night, on July 13th, a horse on Obrey Motowylo’s team…

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