Apply for funds to cover veterinary costs

Financial help with life-saving vet bills

The Vancouver Humane Society’s veterinary assistance program helps companion animals get the veterinary care they need while staying with their loving families.

McVitie Fund: Urgent care for pets

The McVitie veterinary assistance program aims to assist low-income individuals with essential health care issues. Essential health care is considered to be treatment without which the ill or injured animal will die or require humane euthanasia. 

Resource list: Free and low-cost spay & neuter in B.C.

Due to budgetary constraints, the VHS is currently not able to fund spay/neuter and vaccination care. If you require preventative care or non-life saving treatment for your pet, please see these resources.

Give to help animals in need

When a guardian cannot afford emergency veterinary care, they are often faced with the impossible choice of surrendering them to a shelter to get the care they need. Veterinary support is vital to helping animals get the care they need, preserving the important bonds between animals and their guardians, and keeping loved pets out of the shelter system.

These programs are made possible through the support of generous donations. Can you make a gift today to help animals get the care they need while staying in their loving homes?