Because They Matter

VHS hosted our first-ever Because They Matter fundraising and outreach event this past weekend!

During the event, staff and volunteers handed out harnesses, leashes, collars, blankets, toys, water bowls, plant-based dog treats, and resources for veterinary assistance with happy animals and grateful guardians who spend their days on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

You can see some of the happy recipients of these care items here.

Participants also raised funds for vital animal protection efforts in the weeks leading up to the event. We are now almost at our goal of $13,000! Can you donate today to help us reach this goal?

Your gift will help fund a dog’s emergency surgery for a broken leg, allow a single mother to get her cat neutered so she doesn’t lose her housing, save a calf from inhumane treatment in the rodeo industry, or reduce the effects of factory farming by putting plant-based options on the tables of a school cafeteria.

Thank you for helping to build a kinder world for animals!

We’re looking for an amazing group of animal advocates to raise funds for VHS’s work for animals and participate in an outreach event in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Event participants will distribute harnesses, dog treats, leashes and blankets and have meaningful conversations with folks who spend the day on the streets with their animals.

Prior to the event day, you’ll receive training on the barriers that keep structurally vulnerable people from accessing veterinary assistance for their animals. You’ll learn about the meaning of One Welfare, what trauma-informed care looks like and why veterinary outreach services are so important.

There are 26 spaces available on the team.

Not available on July 25th or don’t live in Vancouver? You can still support this event by creating your own fundraising page!