Animals in entertainment

Animals should not suffer for the sake of human amusement.

What we are doing to change animal lives for the better

The impacts of the use of animals in entertainment is seen most often in their aversion and active resistance to the tools used to force them to perform. Animals also suffer injuries and death. Some spend their entire lives chained.


Petting Zoos

Petting zoos send the wrong message to children about the value of animals. They are an example of businesses using animals in entertainment without regard to their behavioural needs.



VHS is opposed to rodeo because most events involve the use of fear, stress and pain to make animals perform. VHS has been successful in curtailing rodeos in B.C. The Abbotsford Agrifair rodeo was cancelled in 2016 after a VHS campaign, as was the Luxton Rodeo on Vancouver Island in 2015. In 2007, the Cloverdale Rodeo eliminated four events (calf-roping, steer-wrestling, team-roping and wild cow-milking) after a long campaign by VHS.


Horse Carriages

VHS is concerned about the prevalence of horse carriages on the increasingly busy streets of Vancouver and around BC, with carriage rides being offered at a number of local events throughout the year, in addition to regular operations in Stanley Park. VHS has repeatedly written to the government and business associations sponsoring horse carriage rides, highlighting concerns for the welfare and safety of the animals and the public who they share the road with.

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Latest news

Tell B.C.’s Minister of Tourism: No funding for inhumane rodeo events

Rodeos will be eligible for recently announced B.C. government funding The Government of British Columbia recently announced new funding for fairs, festivals, and events; but the inclusion of inhumane rodeo events is cause for concern. Tell B.C.’s Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport that the use of taxpayer dollars to support inhumane and outdated…


Call for a ban on inhumane rodeo events in your community

Ask your newly-elected Mayor & Council to protect animals from concerning rodeo events The return of the Chilliwack rodeo this year, along with a controversial new rodeo held in Langley Township, has raised concerns about the well-being of animals made to perform in rodeo events. Video footage taken at both rodeos this summer shows stressed…