Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Nugget

Nugget needs your help!

Nugget needs emergency surgery after being hit by a car!

Nugget and his guardian Genelle share an unbreakable bond—they’ve been inseparable since the day they met at a rescue shelter. Nugget, the sweetest, most loving, and vocal cat is currently in need of urgent support.  

While Genelle was at work, Nugget managed to get out of the house and was found severely injured close to his home. Genelle left work and rushed to Nugget’s side. He was found in immense pain, with a severely injured eye.  

The vet determined that Nugget needed to be hospitalized immediately, and that he will also need emergency eye enucleation surgery and jaw repair. Genelle, working full-time trying to save for her education, has poured all her savings into Nugget’s initial care, including diagnostic testing and round-the-clock hospital care. She is now out of funds reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for help affording the life-saving surgery Nugget still needs.  

I’m asking if you could please consider donating towards Nugget’s life-saving surgery. With your help, Nugget can return home to a pain-free and happy life with the care and love of Genelle.

Can you donate today to help Nugget?