Urgent Care

Urgent care for Ginny

Cuddly Mr. Ginny needs urgent help to treat a mass in his mouth.

Ginny came to his guardian Kaylah as a young kitten after being found in a barn. Kaylah lovingly provided him all the care he needed, and he has since grown into a confident juvenile with a big personality. When he’s not snuggling up to Kaylah or his cat sister Apollo, he loves carrying around his huge toys, stealing French fries, running under people’s feet, and trying to tip over his water bowl!
Sadly, Ginny has recently developed a growth in his mouth that is impeding his ability to eat and drink. He needs urgent treatment to remove it and determine if it’s cancerous.
“I love my furbabies more than anything in the world. Both are HUGE emotional support systems for me. I do not want to have to surrender him, but I would if that’s what it takes to get him the help he needs.”

No pet guardian should be faced with the choice to give up their beloved companion because they can’t afford care. Can you help Ginny get the treatment he needs while staying with the family he loves?

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Urgent Care

Urgent care for Ben E. Cat

Ben E.’s care has been funded!

Thanks to the generous help of donors, Mary-Jane was able to get treatment and testing for Ben E. Cat. He stayed for several days in the hospital with care including an IV drip to help him get stabilized. His test results revealed that he has diabetes, which can be managed long-term through diet and medication.

Mary-Jane has brought Ben E. home and has a care plan in place with the vet to keep his diabetes under control from now on.

Ben E. Cat’s legs have suddenly given out and he needs help!

Ben E.’s guardian, Mary-Jane, was shaken and confused when she saw he was suddenly having trouble walking and lying in his own urine. She immediately brought him to the vet for an exam, which is all she can afford as a senior on her very limited income.
The vet told her that the problem is likely related to neurological issues, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or physical problems with his legs. Ben E. will need to be hospitalized, monitored, and tested to stabilize him and determine the cause of his serious symptoms.
Mary-Jane does not have the funds to cover these unexpected veterinary bills. She took in Ben E. last year from another resident in her senior’s building who could no longer care for him. Since then, she has helped him make great strides with his weight, confidence, and communication. She says that Ben E. has also greatly improved her quality of life.
“I love him more than I can express and feel that we are two seniors that truly needed each other. Providing for him has been a challenge on my very limited income, but I do not begrudge it at all. I will go without, if possible, to take care of him.”
Mary-Jane reached out for help to get Ben E. Cat well again. Can you donate today toward his care?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.


Making a kinder world: Because They Matter

The moment the Because They Matter team arrived in Pigeon Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the change in the atmosphere was palpable. Residents of the neighbourhood immediately came up to the table, eager to pick up much-needed supplies for their beloved animal companions.

Each person who connected with the team had a unique journey, and all had incredible bonds with their pets.

Here are some of the amazing people and pets who visited the Vancouver Humane Society’s table in Pigeon Park and spoke with the VHS street teams in the surrounding neighbourhood.

In all, Because They Matter event participants handed out thousands of pet supplies and around 300 pamphlets about the Vancouver Humane Society’s veterinary assistance programs! 

The VHS’s veterinary support programs help animals get the care they need while staying with their loving families. There is a growing need for these programs in our community, and meeting that need is only possible through kind gifts from generous animal lovers.

Can you make a donation toward VHS’s $15,000 Because They Matter fundraising goal to help animals and the people who love them?

Yes, I can make a gift to help animals
Urgent Care

Urgent care for Monkey

Monkey needs urgent help

Monkey needs urgent surgery after a coyote attack!
Monkey is the star of Jill’s household. Even though Jill lives on a very limited income, she puts Monkey first and bends over backwards to make sure this sweet girl has everything she needs. She found support to get Monkey spayed and vaccinated and gives her constant love and care.
So when Monkey escaped from the house, Jill and her daughter were distraught. They searched for her all night but couldn’t find her. When Monkey finally returned in the morning, she was badly injured from what looks like a coyote attack.
Jill immediately brought Monkey to the vet, who explained that Monkey will need urgent surgery to close her wounds and prevent serious, potentially life-threatening infection. The vet has generously offered to provide the surgery at cost, but sadly Jill still does not have the funds (about $600 + tax) it will take to cover Monkey’s unexpected emergency.
Can you donate toward Monkey’s urgent surgery and help bring her home?

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Urgent Care

Urgent care for Ryder

Ryder needs urgent help

When 6-year-old Ryder started showing symptoms correlating with bladder stones, her guardian Lori rushed her to the vet.

After a thorough examination, the vet found that Ryder had very large stones in her bladder than urgently needed to be removed.

Lori is on disability income and a widow’s pension and is struggling to cover the cost of Ryder’s surgery, which is totaling $2,400.

She told the VHS, “I love her so much and I just can’t stand the thought of losing her. I also have a whole list of things that are happening with me at the moment and I feel without her by my side my depression will take over.”

Can you donate today to cover the cost of Ryder’s life-saving surgery and keep this bonded pair together?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.

Ryder is being cared for at an animal hospital in Langley
Urgent Care

Urgent care for Lucky and Charm

Lucky and Charm need your help!

When Charm stopped eating and began vomiting, her guardian Stacy became very worried. Even though Stacy is living on an extremely limited income, she rushed Charm to the vet along with her cat brother, Lucky.
The vet determined that Charm would need to be hospitalized as she had become dehydrated from vomiting. The cost of hospitalization was more than Stacy could afford.

But there was more bad news to come. While checking Lucky for signs of illness, the vet discovered that he had an infection and would need antibiotics.
Stacy scraped together as much as she could to get her fur babies well again, but she can’t afford the costly treatment on her own. She reached out for help getting them the care they need. Can you make a gift today toward Lucky and Charm’s urgent treatment?

Your kind donation will be matched 100% by an anonymous donor.

Urgent Care

Urgent care for Muska

Muska needs urgent help

After arriving from the Ukraine with her guardian Anna just three weeks ago, beautiful Muska recently became sick. She was coughing and having difficulty breathing, both signs of dangerous respiratory problems.
Even though Anna is a refugee with very limited funds, she knew that Muska’s life was too precious to risk. She immediately rushed her to the vet, where she found out Muska would need emergency testing.
Anna is committed to doing whatever it takes to get Muska well again, but she needs help. She is unable to find work until she gets her SIN card; she and her two children are living with a host family while her husband is still in the Ukraine. She reached out to VHS for assistance with Muska’s care, which is expected to cost between $400 and $800.
Can you donate toward Muska’s emergency testing and treatment?

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Urgent Care

Urgent care for Bella

DOUBLE your donation to help Bella

During routine testing, Bella’s vet discovered that she had mammary cysts which needed to be removed. While she was sedated, the vet also found a large tumor in Bella’s abdomen which urgently needed to be removed to give Bella the best possible chance of a recovery. 

Bella’s guardian was facing a difficult decision considering the risks of such an invasive surgery for this senior girl, as well as the mounting costs of her care.

Sweet Bella’s family was hit very hard by the B.C. flooding last fall. They will likely never be able to return to their previous home. Unexpected veterinary bills during a time of financial hardship can be devastating.

Bella is currently being treated by the wonderful staff at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic. With your support, the McVitie Fund and Cottonwood’s Angel Fund will be splitting the cost of Bella’s care, which is at $3,400.

Bella’s treatment is already underway and your donation today will help fund her hospitalization, surgery, pain medication and care costs. Can you donate today to help Bella recover and to keep this family together after they have already been through so much?

Right now, an anonymous matching grant donor is matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000!

Urgent Care

Urgent care for Jake

UPDATE: Jake’s care has been funded through the support of generous donors. Thank you for helping to get this sweet boy healthy again!

DOUBLE your donation to help Jake receive the urgent care he needs

When Jake stopped being able to urinate and started showing signs of distress, his guardian Lisa became extremely worried and rushed him to the vet. The vet immediately recognized that Jake was suffering from urinary crystals and that his bladder would rupture soon without critical intervention. 

Lisa is living with a disability that severely limits her income. In this rental market she has just $200 left over a month to live on after paying her rent. Despite this, she always prioritizes Jake’s needs, but Lisa could barely afford the costs of Jake’s initial exam from her narrow grocery budget.

Sadly, Lisa was facing one of the most difficult choices a pet guardian can be faced with: to euthanize Jake to prevent him from suffering, or to surrender him to a rescue that would provide the treatment he needed but separate this bonded pair. That’s when Lisa found out about VHS’s McVitie Fund and called the Program Manager Brooklyn for help.

Male cats with urinary crystals can often re-block, which is why Jake’s vet has recommended perineal urethrostomy (PU) surgery to change the shape of his urethra permanently. This is expected to cost $3,000-4,000.

Right now, an anonymous matching grant donor is matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000! Can you help keep this pair together by donating today toward Jake’s care?

Urgent Care

Urgent care for Shailoh

Shailoh needs surgery to remove a growth.

Shailoh is an incredible companion to her guardian, Francis. Francis struggles with anxiety and depression, and Shailoh gives her the emotional support she needs to get out of the house.

While Shailoh was shy at first, she quickly opened up with Francis’s loving care. She is amazingly communicative; she will tap her water bowl for a cold refill and rest her head on Francis’s shoulder when she wants to jump up.

Sadly, Shailoh recently developed a benign growth on one of her mammaries. The vet predicts that without treatment, the growth will burst within a matter of weeks or months, putting Shailoh’s life at risk. With help, however, she has many years of love left to give.

Francis can’t bear the thought of losing her beloved companion. She lives on a very low income and reached out for support covering the costs of Shailoh’s care. Can you help?

Your gift will make double the difference as all donations toward veterinary support are currently being matched by an anonymous donor up to $25,000.