North Shore Rescue leading the way for emergency dog rescue

Photos: northshorerescue on Instagram

Photo: North Shore Rescue

Earlier this week, North Shore Rescue (NSR) took another step in helping animals and their guardians in need of search and rescue support.

NSR completed a training on canine first aid and remote field evacuation with their new K9 rescue kits, and got some practice using gear including helicopter harnesses, ground evacuation harnesses, muzzles, coats, and various leashing systems.

Established in 1965, NSR is one of the oldest search and rescue teams in Canada.

Their forward-thinking move to include dogs in their rescue missions marks an important recognition that animal lives are valuable and deserve due consideration. With many people bringing their beloved companion animals on adventures with them, it also recognizes that animal safety goes hand in hand with human safety.

Thank you to NSR for leading the way in helping people and animals to get home safe, together.

Photo: North Shore Rescue