Horse euthanized after injury at Hastings Racecourse

Recent articles from CTV News Vancouver and Victoria News highlight the tragic death of Lizzie’s Rayne at Hastings Racecourse and the Vancouver Humane Society’s response.

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Victoria News

Horse euthanized after injury during race at Vancouver racecourse

It’s the 1st death of the season, which began April 27; there were 8 deaths in 2022 and 2023 each

VHS Communications Director Chantelle Archambault said, “These horses are being bred and run to death for the sake of an afternoon of human entertainment because there is profit to be made in people attending and betting on races.”

CTV News Vancouver

Horse euthanized after injury at Hastings Racecourse

A racehorse was euthanized after suffering an injury during a race at Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver over the weekend.

“The racing industry puts these beautiful, sensitive animals through fear, stress, and risk to their lives, and these incidents are commonplace,” said VHS Communications Director Chantelle Archambault. “This is why the VHS is asking Vancouverites not to attend horse racing events.”