Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Gus

Can you donate to save Gus?

Your donation to help Gus get urgent veterinary care will be doubled!

Sweet young Gus has been behaving out of the ordinary recently and his guardian Izzy has done her best to care for him, as she believed he was grieving the loss of his dog best friend. Unfortunately, his behaviour persisted, and Gus stopped eating and drinking completely leading to drastic weight loss. This, coupled with bouts of vomiting has severely concerned Izzy.  

Izzy rushed Gus to the vet where they gave him IV fluids for the dehydration he is experiencing. He still needs further testing to determine the underlying cause of his illness. Izzy is a full-time student and used the last of her emergency savings on the initial appointment and IV fluids. She is desperate to find the cause of her loyal companion’s ailment, which is why she has reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for support.  

Can you donate today to help Gus get the care he needs to come home to Izzy?  An anonymous donor is currently generously matching all donations toward the VHS’s McVitie Fund, up to $25,000! This means your donation will have double the impact.