Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Kitty

Thanks to the overwhelming support from our community of kind-hearted donors, Kitty was able to receive the critical veterinary care he needed. Kitty is now back home with his devoted guardian, Eric. The McVitie Fund is increasingly busy, providing funding for an average of 16 pets per week since the beginning of November 2023. Please consider giving a gift to help animals and guardians who are in need right now, so they too can have their happy ending.

Kitty is back home thanks to an outpouring of support! Can you donate to save more animals like him?

Kitty needs urgent veterinary care!

Without hesitation, Eric took in his mother’s cat, Kitty, after she passed away.

Still reeling from this recent loss, Kitty and Eric were quick to bond and have been a great source of comfort and companionship to each other through this tragedy.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before crisis struck again. Eric noticed that Kitty could no longer urinate. 

Unable to afford a taxi or bus fare, Eric carried lethargic Kitty across town in his arms, arriving at the vet in tears and asking for help.

Veterinary staff acted quickly and discovered Kitty is suffering from a severe urinary blockage. If left untreated, blockages of this nature are fatal. Immediate veterinary attention is vital to save Kitty’s life.

Eric’s emergency funds have been depleted in the aftermath of the loss of his mother and in getting together everything needed to give Kitty a home.

Imagining the loss of beloved Kitty so shortly after his mother’s passing is unbearable for Eric. 

I’m asking if you could please consider donating towards Kitty’s life-saving care today. With your help, Kitty can return home to spend many more good years of companionship and healing with Eric.

Can you donate today to help Kitty?