Urgent Care

Companion animals in need are counting on your generosity

DOUBLE your donation toward pets in need

Now more than ever before, pets like Pishi need your help.

The McVitie Fund is providing an average of nine pets in critical condition with funding for the life-saving veterinary care they need every single week at the VHS.

But the impacts of rising costs are becoming more and more apparent. The VHS has seen an increase in demand from distressed low-income animal guardians looking for help and a drop in funds to support this vital work.

Pishi’s Story

Once a playful and outgoing pup, Pishi had become lethargic, lost interest in food, then to her guardian Maya’s horror, stopped eating completely.  

At the clinic, vets found Pishi had dangerously low kidney function and x-rays showed a potential blockage in her digestive system. Further testing and possible surgery were needed to keep Pishi alive.

Before Pishi’s devastating condition, Maya suffered a serious workplace injury that left her unable to work, depleted her savings, and ultimately led to her becoming unhoused.

Maya visited Pishi twice each day at the vet clinic because she couldn’t bear the idea of Pishi hooked up to strange and scary machines, confused by her new surroundings and thinking Maya had left her on her own.

With Maya’s love and the help of kind McVitie fund donors, Pishi was able to receive the testing and care she needed to leave the vet with her best friend, Maya. 

Your gift today will DOUBLE in impact

The McVitie Fund is only made possible through the generosity of supporters like you in the community, and right now, program expenses are far exceeding the gifts that make life-saving care like Pishi’s possible. For loving animal guardians like Maya, the McVitie Fund offers a lifeline of vital support when their companion animals become sick or injured. 

Right now, an anonymous donor is generously matching all donations made toward the VHS’s McVitie Fund, up to $25,000!

This means your donation of any amount will go twice as far in helping pets in need like Pishi.