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Gift a brighter future for animals

Can you grant a wish for animals before the end of the year?

Learn how your gift makes a difference for animals

This year, allies like you called for compassionate changes for farmed animals, animals used in entertainment, animals in captivity, and wild animals.

As 2023 wraps up, your gift to animals suffering today will create a more peaceful tomorrow. 

You can help achieve our ultimate holiday wish: a kinder future for all animals!

All donations made before the end of the year will be eligible for a tax receipt for 2023.

Your gift of $45 = 100 copies of PlantUniversity brochures

Brochures like the “Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating” are distributed to libraries, immigration centres, community and culture centres and more. Your gift allows the VHS to create helpful content on shifting towards a plant-based diet in multiple languages.

Your gift of $103 = 7,000 animal allies reached

Online advertisements allow the VHS to connect people with calls for meaningful actions to protect animals.

Your gift of $240 = life-saving veterinary test for one pet in need

The VHS’s McVitie program helps fund life-saving veterinary care for pets of low-income families. Essential testing, like doing blood work, will help veterinary staff determine how to help an animal return home to their loving guardian.

Your gift of $741 = bus ad for one month

Bus ads in the Metro Vancouver area can be viewed upwards of a million times! Thought-provoking messages direct viewers to learn more about the many benefits of shifting towards a plant-based diet over at

Your gift of $1,600 = rodeo billboard for 12 weeks

Billboards have a huge impact on showcasing messages to many different people. A billboard calling for an end to rodeo cruelty builds on the momentum of the public’s increasing recognition of traditional rodeo events as inhumane.

Thank you so much for your generosity this season!