Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Bubba

Can you donate to save Bubba?

Bubba needs urgent veterinary care!

A defeated meow had brought Cassie rushing around the corner to find her beloved cat, Bubba, straining and failing to use the washroom.

Bubba sat in his litter box, looking up at Cassie, eyes wide with confusion and fear. Quickly recognizing her friend needed help, Cassie scooped Bubba up in his favourite blanket and hurried him to the vet.

There, x-rays of Bubba showed he is suffering from a life-threatening urinary blockage and in need of immediate care and hospitalization. 

Challenging circumstances mean 18-year-old Cassie is emancipated and has already been living on her own for a few years. Bubba and Cassie have taken care of each other through it all, giving each other love and confidence.

Cassie has too quickly had to figure out how to get by with little outside support, and has no additional emergency funds available. It breaks Cassie’s heart to see Bubba looking to her for help she can’t provide on her own.

I’m asking if you could please consider donating towards Bubba’s life-saving care today. Your help can bring Bubba safely back home to Cassie’s warmth and love.

Can you give a gift to help Bubba today?