TAKE ACTION: Support two new bills to ban Canada’s export of live horses for slaughter 

Speak up for horses: Support two new federal bills calling for a ban on the cruel live horse export industry!

Action: Send a message to federal decision-makers

Use the email template below to send a personalized message to your Member of Parliament, the federal Minister of Agriculture and the Prime Minister, asking them to act to end the export of live horses for slaughter.

Note: If you live outside of Canada and want to take action, you can email the Prime Minister at: and the Minister of Agriculture at:

Two new bills aim to protect horses

Two new bills aim to ban the controversial practice of exporting live horses from Canada for slaughter abroad. Senate Bill S-270, the Horse Protection Act, was introduced by Senator Pierre Dalphond and singer-songwriter Jann Arden, while private member’s bill C-355 was introduced in the House of Commons by Liberal MP Tim Louis. 

These bills come more than a year and a half after the Prime Minister directed the federal Minister of Agriculture to ban the practice. Yet since then, thousands of live draft horses have been loaded onto planes, packed tightly with 3-4 horses per crate, and flown abroad where they will be slaughtered for meat. 

These two new bills present a crucial opportunity for the federal government to follow through on their promise to ban live horse export for slaughter once and for all. Use the quick action tool below to urge decision-makers to prioritize a ban before the next federal election.  

Photo: Canadian Horse Defence Coalition