Port Moody passes motion to prohibit inhumane rodeo events

A big win for animals in Port Moody

A recent motion to prohibit inhumane rodeo events within city limits was unanimously passed by Port Moody City Council!

The sponsor of the motion, Councillor Kyla Knowles, cited evidence of animal suffering, risk of injury, and public calls for action. She noted that “the routine rough handling of animals in rodeo events completely contradicts industry requirements and best practices for the handling of farmed animals.”

Why a proactive ban?

While many rodeos have been cancelled in the past decade due to public controversy and animal welfare concerns, recent activity from rodeo organizers has emphasized the need for proactive protections for animals.

Last year, a new rodeo was established in Langley Township, which has no bylaws in place prohibiting inhumane rodeo practices. The event prompted advocacy for protective bylaws across B.C.—both in communities where rodeos occur and those where rodeo activities are not yet held.

This bylaw helps to ensure that new events being introduced do not expose animals to the unnecessary fear, stress, and risk associated with rodeos.

Port Moody joins two more B.C. municipalities with rodeo bylaws

The move to ban inhumane rodeo events including bucking, roping, wrestling, and mutton busting in Port Moody follows similar bylaws in place in the City of Vancouver and District of North Vancouver. It also aligns with public polling that indicates a majority of B.C. residents are opposed to the use of animals in rodeo events.

Could your municipality be the next community to prohibit inhumane rodeo practices? Call on your city council to protect animals used in rodeo events!


This action has now ended. Thank you to the 4,143 advocates who used the quick action to call for bylaws banning inhumane rodeo events. Please see the Current Campaigns page for more ways you can help rodeo animals, including an action calling for both municipal bylaws and an end to provincial funding for cruel rodeo events.

Quick action: Contact your city council

Public polling shows that a majority of British Columbians and Canadians are opposed to the use of animals in rodeo.

Some communities, including the City of Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, and Port Moody, have municipal bylaws in place to prohibit inhumane rodeo events and practices. Call on your city council to follow this lead by implementing a bylaw in your community! 

This action has now ended.

4,143 people used this tool to call for municipal bylaws banning inhumane rodeo events. Thank you for taking action.

Next step: Join the Animal Advocacy Committee for grassroots action

Are you a B.C. resident interested in taking further action to support the introduction of a rodeo bylaw in your community? Learn more and join the VHS’s new Animal Advocacy Committee!