Calling for an end to inhumane rodeo events and government rodeo funding

The VHS and nearly 2,500 advocates raised concerns with B.C.’s Minister of Tourism regarding recently announced government funding for rodeo events. This year, close to $800,000 is allocated to events with rodeos across B.C. The use of taxpayer dollars to support inhumane rodeo events, including roping, bucking, wrestling and mutton busting (children riding sheep), is a disturbing outcome of these newly available funds.

Read the article in the Langley Advance Times: Langley rodeo grant draws criticism from Vancouver Humane Society

Public polling shows that the majority of British Columbians oppose the use of animals in rodeo. These events rely on the use of fear, discomfort and stress caused by aversive stimuli (e.g. flank straps, spurs, painful bits) and rough handling to make animals perform for public entertainment.

Footage taken by the VHS at the Chilliwack and Langley rodeos last year showed frightened and stressed animals being deliberately agitated into fleeing and bucking.

What happened at this year’s Chilliwack and Langley rodeos

The return of the Chilliwack rodeo this year, along with a controversial new rodeo held in Langley Township, has raised concerns about the well-being and welfare of animals made to perform in rodeo events. Video footage taken at both rodeos this summer shows stressed and frightened animals being roughly handled and deliberately agitated into fleeing and bucking.

Animals used in rodeo events are also put at unnecessary risk of injury, such as broken bones, neck injuries, and internal damage.

The handling of animals used in rodeos contradicts industry requirements and best practices for the same species of animals on farms, which require that quiet handling techniques be used.

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Use the VHS’s quick action tool to call on your city council to follow the lead of the City of Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and most recently, Port Moody, by prohibiting inhumane rodeo events and practices in your community.

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