Steer and three horses dead in Calgary Stampede’s cruel animal events

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur \ We Animals Media

  • Just four days into the Calgary Stampede rodeo and chuckwagon races, two horses used in the chuckwagon races and a steer used in steer wrestling have been sadly euthanized due to serious injuries.
  • On Friday, July 5th, a horse sustained an injury due to wagon interference during the sixth heat and was euthanized, according to media reports.
  • On Saturday, July 6th, an outrider horse sustained a serious injury during the second heat of the chuckwagon races and was euthanized. The heat was not aired on Sportsnet, citing an issue on another team where a driver fell out of the wagon.
  • On Monday, July 8th, a steer sustained a serious injury during a steer wrestling event and was euthanized. In the footage from Sportsnet, a contestant twists the steer’s neck back until the steer falls to the ground, remaining stiff and motionless. Staff rush into the arena with medical kits.
  • On Saturday, July 13th, a horse suffered a fracture during the eighth heat of the chuckwagon races and was euthanized.

Content warning: The following video depicts the serious injury of a steer, which results in him being euthanized.

Fatal injury at Calgary Stampede steer wrestling, July 8, 2024

Footage from the Calgary Stampede on July 8, 2024 shows a steer being wrestled to the ground. He sustains a serious injury before staff rush into the arena with medical kits. The Calgary Stampede has confirmed that the steer was euthanized as a result of this injury. Footage: Sportsnet.

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  • Why you’re writing: Reference the fatal incidents during the steer wrestling event and during the chuckwagon races.
  • This is an ongoing animal welfare issue: 100+ animals have died since 1986 (when tracking of fatalities began) and that animals die almost every year.
  • Your request: That Stampede organizers remove the rodeo and chuckwagon events from the Stampede and focus instead on the many other activities and attractions that don’t put animals in harm’s way.

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