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Animal suffering at BC’s Williams Lake Stampede



Calf-roping at the Williams Lake Stampede. This is family entertainment?





This past weekend, the 90th Williams Lake Stampede was held amid much local fanfare.  The event was described by the local newspaper as “four days of rodeo action and fun”. But it wasn’t much fun for the animals.

VHS sent a photographer to Williams Lake to record what really happens at the Stampede.  The pictures on this page show nothing but animals being abused for the sake of human amusement.

If you think this is wrong please email the Mayor of Williams Lake and politely ask him to ban cruel rodeo events in the city.  You can tell him 66 per cent of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, as are virtually all animal welfare agencies, including the BC SPCA.

For a list of key sponsors of the Williams Lake Stampede click here.

Photos taken at the Williams Lake Stampede, June 30 to July 3, 2016



Calf-roping – Calves just three-months old abused to entertain a crowd




























Steer-wrestling – Man literally bending an animal to his will














The “wild” horse race – tormenting terrified horses for sport















Junior steer-riding – teaching kids to abuse animals







Team-roping – roping steers by the neck and hind legs, often stretching them off their feet




Bull-riding – Is this animal enjoying the experience?






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Its disgusting. I don’t understand how people children watch this and think its entertainment. My brain dies not function like that. I guess im normal.
Money is involved here.
Unfortually.the so called cowboys have not evolved.
Boycott and banned these events. Pls for the animals. Abuse!!!!

These are not real men who have to pick on an innocent animal with cruely….they are COWARDS

You do realize these animals go through the same thing on a farm/ranch. You have to rope a calf to put your brand on it and to snip the males so there aren’t too many bulls.
It isn’t animal cruelty.

This is animal cruelty in an educated persons mind. Cattle can be corralled and ear tags put on as they go through a cattle crush. Castrating can be done humanely by a qualified person. To use this barbaric practice as entertainment is disgusting and you really want to progress, instead of being stuck back in the dark ages.

Have you ever tagged a cow? Maybe the first tag will go easy, but you still have four more and guess what, they are not going in easy. Plus usually tags get ripped off and the the cows get infections and die. And castrating a bull it’s a rubber band that goes over the balls so it cuts off circulation and the testicles either and die, painless, but to catch them to do this, you need to wrestle them and hold them down. Thats how you have to do it, farming isn’t easy, everything is going against you. More often than naught its are own customers, you.

wrap a rubber band around your finger and cut off the circulation for a few minutes.. it hurts!! stop making excuses and make changes. There is a humane way to treat animals, even in a herd and this is not it. Animals have a fight or flight response, that means fight till they die or escape or run the hell away!! Either way fear is a major factor in how they react not oh…. we’re going to play tag for a while while my mommy sits in a pen and listens to me scream for help but can do nothing. Not only the calves suffer, the cow does as well. Ask a dairy farmer how stress can dry up a cow, don’t say listening to its calf cry for help is not stressfull. How long does it take for her to let her milk down after a stresser like that? Farming might not be easy but it’s not the old west where men earn their living by being good at roping animals. This kind of display is not necessary any more, get with the times and stop abusing baby animals for money and entertainment. The rodeo won’t go away till the people stop paying the money to see it. I used to watch it on tv as a kid, then I grew up and the thought of it just makes me sick to my stomach and angry at the promoters.

If it happens on a farm, it’s necessity, if it happens at a rodeo, it happens over and over and over…that cruelty. There are many things that happen at a rodeo that don’t need to be there.

Yes, of course it is animal cruelty. On a farm or rodeo. Ask yourself if you would like to trade spots and if not, how is using animals okay? Because your backward ass culture taught you to eat meat and watch this crap for sport? Neither is okay.

Stop raising them if you have to burn and cut them to have them.. DONT EAT ANIMALS.
they have feeling and a right to live just like people!!!

I have witnessed branding and the frying up of ‘mountain oysters’, and it IS very cruel, plain and simple! What sickened me even more, was that after the calves were separated from their mothers and had their hind legs tied together and were dragged by horses into the branding/snipping pen, parents of children that were there to ‘have a fun family day’ allowed their children to get on the backs of the stressed/pained calves while they were still down and trying to stand, all for the fun of riding them!!!! The poor calves, after being put through such a harrowing ordeal, injured themselves further by running their heads and bodies into board fences and gates trying to escape. The ranch was putting on a ‘bit of a show’ for those in attendance, how HEINOUS AND SICKENING!!!! Even without such a vile show, there is no way, anyone can deny the cruelty here.

So look abused lol. But stock contractors take better care of their stock than what it’s worth. It’s not abuse. Do you see them starving and getting punched. Nooo stock contractors look after their cattle. Bucking bulls retire not get eaten cause bucking bulls costs over thousands of dollars. And besides I’ve seen more bucking bulls, calves, horse get treated than most people treat their dogs.

All of these animals work LITERALLY 2.5 minutes per year, this particular string has 23 rodeos, and they’re in the arena for 10 seconds max per day. Race horses, jumpers, cross country event horses ALL get hurt more than rodeo stock, go on youtube and see all of the “horse accidents” they’re almost all from the English discipline and barrel racing (which no one is protesting?) Also .057% of rodeo animals are injured per year, in north america that’s 28 animals out of 27,000 performances. Do your research for gods sake. And I am human, I eat locally raised beef and support our ranching way of life (my real worry is all of the vegans out there eating my foods food).
The animals are fine, take care of what you understand and leave what you don’t to someone else.

OMG!! it’s the your not a farmer argument. lol I might not be a farmer, but my dad was. The animals on their farm was their life. Doing what is necessary is one thing, doing it for entertainment is another. Any animal being hurt for any reason is abhorrent, but to do it for fun… you need to take care of what you understand and leave what you don’t to someone else. If that were your child up there, 10 seconds once a yr to be chased and roped is 10 seconds once a yr too much.

Yes I would like to be in the position of the animal, get the best feed money can buy, shelter, water fed to you at all times, and protection to only work for less than 2 minutes a year ….. Oppose to being in the wild going hungry struggling to find water and being eating alive buy wolves … It’s a no brainer

I agree with your post Guy. I would also like to be in position of the animal. Humans live in poverty and struggle to make day by day. I would rather be he animal who gets fed, sheltered, water, exercise and the freedom to roam as they please. They may only work for a couple mins a year and it’s hard on hem but they don’t do it for a hole nother year. We’re humans struggle and work all year long to keep on working. The stats that these people find about how so many people don’t like rodeos is a lie. If it was a huge thing and people didn’t like it then why is it one of Canada’s and the USAs hugest revenues? Rodeos happen everywhere and bring in huge crowds of people to the cities and fill almost all of the seats every year.

Time to put an end to this abuse it has been going on for way to long now. Have hated it all my life.

Please stop torturing animals for human entertainment…my god!!! This is so cruel!

This needs to be banned immediately.

This is very cruel and senseless. These beautiful innocent animals deserve to have a happy life, not being abused for people’s entertainment & wealth.

Dear Walt Cobb,

Please ban the cruel rodeo events which include animals as a source of entertainment. At least 66% of BC residence are opposed to these outdated rodeo acts. It is time to evolve.

There’s no fact to thier statements, they just need to complain about. Especially if it doesn’t effect them at all. Rodeo animals live better than I do, where’s the pictures of the other 360 days of the animals lives.

Where did the statistic 66% of bc residents oppose rodeo come from?.. I am a bc resident and was never asked or received a questionaire regarding this topic!.. I know a great stock contractor who had some of the best bucking horses in the business!.. The way I saw him treat his horses was unbelievable! would be floored!..they would be feeding down in a pasture he would give one whistle and they came running! Very excited and ready to load!.. That’s all it took for him to get his horses to come!… they sure didn’t look scared, tormented, abused or any of the accusations that is being put on these animals!.. They were quite the opposite!.. Happy and ready to load!.. That’s what I saw!.. Maybe the people making these accusations should go talk to the stock contractors of the bcra! I could go on and on but probably would make better use of my time to go bang my head against a brick wall than to try convincing some tree hugging vancouverite how the rodeo stock are being treated!

Who could possibly enjoy this torture of animals?I just don’t get it???? Now we have the greatest show on earth ro look forward to! THE CALGARY STAMPEDE. I have hated rodeos since I was a kid. Please boycott stampedes and they will be part of our history much like the gladiators of the past.

I’ve always felt that these kind of events send out a powerful message: that’s it’s okay to use animals, even if they get hurt, for our enjoyment. In other words, they promote animal abuse. It’s time to shut them down and find other ways to entertain people. There certainly has to be something better than this.

Ya ok – what about MMA – is that not human cruelty? People beating the crap out of each other for entertainment!! Life on a farm is not all roses and ice cream it’s hard ass work with animals that could kill a person. If you don’t like rodeo well then don’t f’in watch it.

With MMA the difference is that it is between two consenting adults, do you think the animals are consenting to this?

Dodge, Windsor Plywood, Horizon Climate Control (and is that Home Hardware?) and other local companies are sponsoring this idiocy. It can’t happen without their dollars. They have their share of responsibility in this cruelty.

By them sponsoring the rodeo it really helps support our local privately owned business. We are a ranching community, everyone here works hard and enjoys the rodeo when it’s here. The animals are fine, the cowboys get hurt, our city makes some money and brings in tourism. It’s a win-win situation, the animals truly are fine, the calves get up and happily trot to the exit, when calves are scared they make horrible noises, these ones know their job because they’re trained to do it. There are a ton of other equine sports that result in more deaths and injury than rodeos. There’s also a ranch challenge where local ranchers get to compete and show their skills, not just the pro circuit guys.

Maybe you people need to go on a tour at a rodeo. The bucking stock enjoys this. Like who wouldn’t like to work for 8 seconds a few weekends a year. You people probably also think that meat just comes from the store.

Oh really did you ask this animal? Did you say, “oh hey bucking stock, do you enjoy this?” Probably not, so how in the world would you know? Nothing about this is natural to these animals. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this stressful for them. You can’t hold an animal to the same degree people are held to (assuming it loves this because it only has to “work for 8 seconds a few weekends out of the year”) without treating them with the same ethics humans enjoy (not dragging them across a dirt pit). I could go on and on but there is too much stupid in your comment to cover in a night.

If you spent any true time around the rodeo scene you would know that these animals are well taken care of. More well taken care of then many cats and dogs in this world. So how about instead of sitting behind a screen talking all big about how this is so cruel….. Go see how these animals live on a day to day basis…. Yes they have to be roped a few weekends of the year but it could be a lot worse. I own live stock and I can tell you that I put way more care/time and money into my livestock than you do to your personal “family pets”

dont mean to put this as a reply but its cowboy tradition how do you think we tag our cattle how do you think we rope them in when they escape our fields how do you think we break a horse it doesn’t just arrive in a trailer fully trained we strap the saddle on and ride it till it stops bucking you guys are fucktards for believing. and our rams being ridden isn’t abuse uh we tag those and rope hog tie tag and release the animals are used to it if they have there tags. if you stop our rodeos we will shut down the spca you guys hold dogs for one month then put them down if they dont find a home. cats you euthanize about 23 a day kittens and cats so were animal abusers you are you kill the inicent you ban pitbulls from provinces and towns when they are not aggressive its the people you let adopt them who are backround checks should be asked for just like for our firewarms if a cougars killing our live stalk how else are we supposed to save our money to survive the winter other then shooting it thanks and goodnight

where do you think your food comes from? Should we just ban rodeos and send all these horses and cows to slaughter??? Do you eat meat? Have any leather products or other animals products in your home??? Until you can answer no to all these questions without exception. ….please zip it. These animals have quite a cozy life compared to those standing in crowded feed lots.

Terra, these animals end up at slaughter anyway, and you know it. The difference is that you played with them first. Yes, they end up at feed lots, if their injuries haven’t caused their destruction when they’re dragged behind a black tarp. There is no place for this cruelty in 2016.

Agree Benny. And the people who are saying the animals enjoy it, Kim, are the ones who dedicate all their hours working with, raising, caring for and nurturing these animals. The ones who know them BEST. Tired of these city folk throwing their two uneducated cents in. Without human beings having a need for these animals they would not exist today. These are tough animals. The photos chosen are cherrypicked so someone who has no experiance or background working with horses and cattle can go “Oooooh looks cruel!!!”

Kim, I would recommend you watch temple grandin, an expert in animal behaviour discuss how “stressed” the rodeo animals are. She visited the calgary stampede a couple years ago, and found the animals actually show little signs of stress and are very well taken care of. Take it from her, an actual genius in the subject.

These animals have personalities. Owners spend hours a day caring for for them and recognizing an animals reaction. I have personally seen a bucking horse brought in to the chute being lead on a halter. The horse does not pull back or fight in fear of what is next but instead readies himself to buck. It is easy to judge from pictures while in your Vancouver home. These animals are bread for rodeo. If they weren’t there they may very well be in a supermarket or lucky enough to be in a feed lot waiting to be killed!? Spend some time educating yourself on both sides of this debate before passing judgement

I own bulls and they love their job, they wouldn’t keep at it if they didn’t. He’ll I have a few retirees who spend their days breeding cows and eating they are both 12 and in great health because they we’re treated well during their careers and retirment.

I’ve seen so many people saying rodeo is a bad thing. It’s not. Livestock is taken care of if you actually watching the calf roping, they usually throw their ropes to where the loop slides and doesn’t hurt the calf. You know those fancy masks called horn wraps on the steers it protects the steers necks and horns. Professional bucking bulls swim in pools to relax , I’ve seen stock contractors put magnetic blankets on their bucking bulls. They don’t kill these animals. I mean come on 4H they kill their animals, but rodeo doesn’t they throw em on pasture and breed em.

Please stop this torture for entertainment, children should not be exposed to this animal abuse and think it ok to hurt creatures for fun, I hate rodeos, always have always will

It’s all about making money in the name of entertainment. This is not entertaining to intelligent people. Only morons can appreciate and enjoy the torture of innocent beautiful animals. I don’t know why this practice has not been banned; hopefully that will happen in the near future.

Just want everyone to know that all of these animals are treated better then most people are. in rodeo there are rules in place that make it so the animals are not harmed and competitors will be fined if they do not follow the rules. And these animals are on pasture and looked after all the time and get 5 days off Every week. This is not animal abuse. I know that there are bucking stock that loves their job as a rodeo animal and people go over the top to protect them in what they are doing. Stop calling down rodeo. We are only caring on the tradition of the old ranching days. There is nothing wrong with this, rodeo is not cruel read up on your facts and realize what actually goes on in rodeos.

Cattle are raised usually to the age of two years old to be butchered. When in rodeo they instead live a full life while being fed the best food and having the absolute best living conditions all while never in their life witnessing a feedlot. Cattle are also one of the most strong and lease susceptible to pain animals in the world. So by stopping rodeos, looks like all cattle will live to the ripe old age of 2, rather than 10-15.

It’s unfortunate that these photos are taken out of context and presented in such a narrow way. Viewers who are unwilling to educate themselves about the sport of rodeo through less biased channels may be left with the wrong impression.

Those pictures speak volumes. No one can defend that cruelty. Even some of the spectators are horrified. And look at how young they teach this cruelty. This has to stop. I’ve sent an email to the mayor. Not that they seem to give a damn, but I’ll keep speaking out as long as this continues.

Come to the next one next Canada day weekend. It will be the 91 annual show. Speak up when you are here instead of typing your feelings on a computer.

Oh yes, let’s all scream cruelty! Because we have seen some pictures that look distressing to us, people who have no experience with these animals, through the Internet!
If you really think you should have an opinion on this, maybe you should go spend some time on a rodeo circuit and actually get an informed opinion; not one you’ve formed from the Internet.

Wow this is a joke right?!
How bout you city slickers just stay home. If you’ve ever actually been to a rodeo you’d know it’s the people getting hurt more often than an animal.
Clearly you have no knowledge of the rodeo and have no problem making comments about a few pictures taken by a city kid.
How bout we start asking Walt Cobb to keep city folks out of the rodeo scene.. There problem solved.

the difference between animals getting hurt and humans if that the humans have a choice in what they are doing the animals do not. actually you so called rodeo folks need to stay home.

give me a break you guys……have you ever been to a rodeo???? Don’t take these sensationalized shots pictured here as a true depiction of what goes on at a rodeo. Don’t you know that all these sensationalized pictures are designed only to have you part with your money in the form of donations to “stop this cruelty” so the executive of this “Humane Society” can line their pockets. Get a grip!

I hope I see all of you at the Calgary stampede, my official hometown and DAM PROUD RODEO FAN!!!!! I can give you all a peace of my mind. I’m getting angry just writing this. Feel free to comment to me I look forward to it.

I hope all of you are vegans as the cows that partake in these events also end up on your dinner table. Cows also handled this way on ranches that is how they came up with these events. Hope you like carrots.

Lol get a life you bleeding heart losers. They’re stupid animals, much like yourselves. It’s great to watch, and as a bonus I get to listen to you bitches cry.

This torture of animals horses cows whatever is been going on for years they will never stop at anything people sitting in the balcony cheering them on and they’re making money by been. Cruel to these animals sad sad

Anything is possible if enough people care..they got rid of the circus didn’t they. If enough people stand up it won’t take long for the Stampede to come to an end either..

Getting fed each meal everyday living on a beautiful farm being raised around my family for free. Oh but once in my life I was taKen to an event, ran like the wind and then got roped …omg lifes tough. Read a book, better yet go to a farm and see how these animals get treated, like gold! You people are ridiculous . Go look something up on Facebook to complain about. Leave us “terrible country folk ” to are own business

Well I hope you spend your time and money protesting dog shows more than rodeo. Most urban residents treat their dogs worse than rodeo stock. They often spend most their life in a kennel or house while you go to work all day. Just waiting for you to return to go to the bathroom or for some attention. At least rodeo is based off traditional ranching practices. Dog abuse is usually do to owners putting their depency on companionship over the animals well being. also I hope none of you protestors own a leather couch or purse! Hipracrits!

I am right there with you Ryan – Rodeo needs to be shut down, a personal goal of mine. I am not a city slicker either, I live in and around the industry – it sickens me.

Here’s an idea shut up and stop bitching those animals have no lasting damage and go through a lot worse sometimes in the farms and ranches they come from you gonna shut those down too God you ppl are stupid

Most animal activists are extremely cruel to humans. Something happened to them as children I am certain that created a mental illness. This is a rodeo and this is no more cruel than the Muslim Practice of HALAH. The cutting of the throat of a animal to drain the animals blood offering a slow death before dying and being chopped up. And you animal lovers support the Muslims food practice.

Boo hoo, you city slickers have no clue what life is like out of your pathetic bubble. Most rodeo participants are also ranchers and this type of stuff is part of day to day life and has been for 100’s of years. How do you think they catch their calves on the ranch? They sure as hell don’t text them to come in for winter. These people work harder and longer hours than you can imagine, piss off and keep you nose in your iphones and leave the people that help keep food in the grocery stores alone. If you pole the people in Williams Lake what they think you would get a 99% vote in favour of the rodeo.

Not to start an argument but the Williams lake stampede association invites all to come behind the scenes and take a glimpse as to how the rodeo is run. The article doesn’t mention the vets that are on scene at all times. You are entitled to your opinion but come check out the behind the scenes they have to show people that the animals are not abused in any way. Do your homework before judging. I grew up in Williams lake, I went to the rodeos growing up, was raised on farms and even my own father works on a local ranch. I ran for stampede queen six years ago and learned all there was to know about how things were run behind the scenes. I am just saying don’t judge before learning more about what goes on here. Another thing, these animals are cared for and if anything was to happen to them the Cowboys are disqualified and end up with a bad rep. But it is all up to the readers to make their choices on how they want to view this ongoing tradition. That is all I have to say.

Thanks Amanda for your letter and for the offer for people to see what actually happens to the stock at the rodeo..

I love your reply as I to grew up in Williams Lake and watching the rodeo was something we looked forward to. If by chance an animal is hurt in any way it is taken care of. The comments thst have been giving are because of a way a picture looks. It takes talent and a lot of hard work for everyone that is involved.

Thank you Amanda, I have been behind the scenes , my kids rodeo and ride bulls. These animals are treated like kings and alot of caring and loving goes into raising and caring for these animals all of their life. I have even known some that you can actually get in the pen with and pet and scratch them ,they love it . They know their job and when loaded they will become as rank as ever, otherwise they are great strong animals. They should have rodeo behind the scenes 101 for all the people who always want to condemn everything about it. That’s all I have to say about that!

What a great weekend of rodeo action. Those are some really spectacular pictures the photographer shot. Looking forward to the Billy Barker Days rodeo in Quesnel later this month. Hope to see all you city dwellers out there.

Just stay in Vancouver with your blinders on. You don’t know nothing about the sport or the people involved, or the animals for that matter.

This does not only happen on Williams lake think about it this is world wide event make it sound like it’s only Williams lake stampede you don’t like it then don’t attend it simple as that say it’s animal abuse but yet you all will pay money to eat a big juicy steak you people are hypocrites

If you don’t like it don’t watch and mind your own business , don’t you have dogs and cats to save?

It is very unfortunate that your society spreads untrue facts and no sence using uniformed people to make up statistics from a pre selected group of people. Your society is using simulate tactics as the presidential Hopefull in the states Mr. Donald Trump. In spreading fear and lies why don’t you start a campaign on how these animals are bread for the sports they are part of ,the care in Wich they are given with premium Feeds and supplements like other hight end athletes. These animals are not only taking care and live a very pampered life they have strict hauling and safety standards that are administered by a indipendant 3rd party (the government). Also all these events are still practiced out on the open ranges around North America and the world as ways to doctor animals out on the range.

Yes you guys are shooting your mouth off before you actually know what the hell is going on. Get off your city butts and and talk to people that know more about this.. Do you honestly think people would let there animals be treated with cruelty at the cost they are to sell them when they are older…. 1500.00 to 2000.00 dollars a pop. give your head a shake.

Hi All! I just wanted to say that I am HIGHLY disappointed that the Vancouver Humane Society has said anything on this issue! We know there are people on each side of the fence on whether Rodeos are “humane” or not and that will never change. However, there are SO many rules and regulations now in place to try and keep both the animals and cowboys/girls safe with hefty fines if they are not followed its crazy! Not to mention that there are the Vets there at all times and inspections on the care & welfare of the animals that these animals are highly prized and well taken after! The Humane society is putting its own foot in their mouth to claim abuse, when they have given the all clear to the health of the animals in the past.
Shame on you VHS…. you are just stirring up a hornets nest to get attention!

So if you don’t like to watch rodeo don”t watch it …. If people really knew anything about this pure sport and how animals are treated, maybe your opinion would change. These animals have been bread for numerous generations as athletes for this sport and get taken care of better than your average house pet. I’m not sure if your 66 percent of people who apose rodeo included anyone north of Hope. I have a feeling if you ask the 5000 people who attended the rodeo Friday night in Williams lake if they thought it was cruel you might get a little different percentage. There is just a little over 10000 people who live in Williams lake and nearly half of the town shows up to support this local world class event that has nearly been happening for 100 years. A lot of people don’t know that these events are actually real situations that happen daily on cattle ranches. I personally have watched well over a hundred rodeos myself, during which I can tell you I can count on one hand how many animals have been hurt. I appreciate the great effort of your society to protect animals but perhaps you should tell both sides of the story. There are way bigger fish to fry with regards to animal cruelty, look in your back yard before coming into someone else’s.

For being badly abused all those calfs and cows sure have a great hop in their step as they prance out of the arena.

I just cannot believe this! Animal abuse this is not! They aren’t being starved or left untreated when they are sick. They aren’t being beaten or anything else. These animals are treated with respect, more so than some humans respect themselves. I grew up in Williams Lake. Never in all my years have I heard such BS written about this rodeo. In fact it’s one of the best run in the country. Care of the animals is the number one concern. VHS again is spewing facts that have no merit to anyone other than city people who have never gotten dirt on their hands, who have never eaten from anywhere other than a supermarket and who have never taken the opportunity to actually see what goes on outside of Vancouver. Get a grip! Kudos to the photographer, excellent photos. He should sell them to buy that tofu sandwich!

All you city folks should come to our rodeo here in Williams Lake. While you are watching all these animals being abused you can enjoy a hamburger or hotdog. Maybe take in a Stampede Breakfast with bacon and eggs.

You people are seriously ridiculous, do you not understand where rodeo comes from!? These events come from ranch work.. the things they do come from tasks that have to be done when you own livestock. It’s not from some sadistic desire to hurt things.

totally misleading, I hope all you morons that think this needs to stop have never eaten a burger or any other meat product off the store shelves. If any of you have ever eaten meat from a store, you are perpetuating this way of life, I thank you for that.

You are the one who needs a life, maybe someone should do the same to you! It is abuse! Where does it stop!

I can’t believe people take the time to about rodeo. It’s been around for 100 years and will be around for 100 more so find something else to about like oh say child abuse, spousal abuse and so on and so on. Way more people get hurt at rodeos the animals. Go and watch a rodeo, ask questions, watch the animals for real all the good food they get, the relaxing they get to do after about 8 seconds work. Go get a friggin life and worry about your kids or something. I don’t get ignorant people.

If you don’t agree with the stampede, don’t go. We’d rather not have you in our quiet town where we enjoy these events that have gone on for years and years. Stay in Vancouver and complain about thr things in YOUR city that offend YOU. #MINDYOUROWNBUSINESS.Thanks

If it’s not for you don’t partake, even movies have rating so you can choose if you want to see the content. There are a lot of skilled people in these events that help put food on your plate. Without the so called cruel treatment of animals we never would have evolved and the animals would be extinct if this were as bad as you say. More people than animals are in danger at these events. These animals have a great long life, only working minutes a year, for a longer life than an animals slated for meat. Some people like to fight, some animals like to buck.
Government regulations, animal/ranch enthusiast, and vets all ensure that animals are healthy and not mistreated. Ranches, and any cowboy/girl have a healthy respect for these animals.
Please think about the information you are given that is one sided and ask some questions about the intent behind it, and seek to understand before you speak. There is more to the story than what is present and you choose to run with.

You people need to get a life….this rodeo stock , horses etc are treated better than YOUR OWN kids

The idea of rodeo has always been about man pitting themselves against nature. Any of these animals could easily break a human apart. The men and women who brave these contests are not harming the animals, but they do put themselves in harm’s way. Ask any rodeo cowboy for their lists of damages incurred while working the circuit. you will find the human get hurt far more often then the animals. Here is a thought, Do you have a doctor at your work. Not just a medic, I mean a full fledged doctor. These animals do. Do you work a few minutes a year and then get to lay back and eat very well. No! They do. This article is one sided and totally taken out of context. Do a little research before running down a grand institution like rodeo.
I can’t believe that you are all so stupid to talk and boycott things that you have no idea about. Why not go after child labor, the puppy mills, helping the homeless and cleaning up downtown east side. But you aren’t worried about things like that that really would help out. Stick your nose into things that you may not like because it isn’t your way of life and you know nothing about it so it must be wrong. People like you will ruin the whole country, not help it. Unfortunately no one will think of that or see it until it is too late. Stick to things you know and don’t take pictures out of context.

While I haven’t attended a rodeo in years, I can’t believe that something like this would be allowed to continue for as long as it has, with the rampant abuse described in the article. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, how else do you catch half-wild, untamed horses and cattle out on the range or pasture for veterinary purposes for example, without roping and maybe wrestling with it? Administer medication, vaccines, ear-tag and/or branding for I.D. purposes etc.? I could go on and on but you get my point. If you don’t like rodeo, don’t go. But don’t stop others from going.

This is disgusting and inhumane, no animal should be treated in this manner and they are only babies!

This is far from abuse.. If you would do your research, you would find that rodeo stock live longer than if an anima were to be turned out their whole lives because they are kept in shape and healthy. Being in this kind of close contact with people allows us to monitor them well enough to know if anything is wrong. If you would take a closer look, you would realize that these people compete in this sport for the love of it not to abuse animals for entertainment. It breaks our hearts every time an injury occur, but that’s part of any sport especially on this professional level.

Have any of you ventured from your city apartments and given a hand in raising your own food? If not, you are speaking from total ignorance, Vancouver Humane Society. Great pictures of some awesome Cariboo Cowboys, though! I really enjoyed them!

Do people realize that most of the events in a rodeo are done fairky regularly on the ranch? Its not animal cruelty. Maybe go deal with the actual animal cruelty thats happened every day everywhere.

Shandi, how does the fact that it happens frequently make it any less cruel? And what would be “actual animal cruelty” according to you?

This article is obviously written by a person who has no idea what takes place at a rodeo/ ranch… For all you that belive this is so curle. Please feel free to come protest and pet the animals you think are so cruely abused, that cute little steer that is so badly abused will show you why they are caught with a rope. Maybe that crazy eyed bull that loves his job, i think he needs a bath or that wild horse im almost certin you can wisper it to walk it right in to a trailor to take back to van. By all means please come down to the williams lake and take over the job of anyone( you can pick) of these cowboys/ cowgirls job by taking better care of these animals. Just remember that the job starts at the crack of dawn and don’t stop till well after dark…Im sure they would love the day off. Lol

So… if we ban rodeos are we going to ban selling meat in the Super Market? because the way animals are raised then slaughtered is 100% more cruel than rodeos….. also with that are we going to ban the selling of eggs as well because those poor hens are locked in a cage day in and day out forced to poop out eggs (the anal cavity acts as a poop shoot, a sex shoot and a egg shoot) and what about the practice of milking? is that going to be banned aswell? Also are we going to ban leather shoe sales because obtaining the leather is also cruel…. just saying if you have a issue with one you have to have a issue with all.

Absolutely, Terri! All of those things should be banned! And I’m so glad you took the time to piece that puzzle together. Most of the people here that are opposed to rodeo would definitely condemn most of those things you listed. Great to hear you will be going vegan soon 🙂

Great weekend of entertainment! Can’t wait till next year. GF and I should pack up the kids and go to the Calgary Stampede next year. Would love to feel the excitement
Oh. And a question or two for the over sensitive cruder lovers.
How does your loved Fido or Wiskers like being couped up all day when your at work? How about your aquatic pets? They to probably LOVE swimming circles all day and night in a tank that You decorated. And the cuelty of keeping unadopted animals in cages? What about transporting cats and dogs in travel crates? Not all cats and dogs like to be in those small crates. And yah, you may not have an animal, you may be a vegan, but your eating the vegetables that lots of the animals need for food.

These aminals are not abused. In fact they are prime rodeo stock. They can not afford to mistreat them. They have to be in tne best of health. They enjoy a privileged life in exchange for 8 to 10 seconds of rodeo. What the freeze framed photos don’t show you is that the animal jumps up, not terrified or paniced, and calmly trots to the exit gate – which they fully know where to find. And for every one that gsts roped or wrestled, there’s another aho avoids ths cowboy and leaves him lying in the dust. Yes, once in a while there will be an injury. But usually it’s the cowboy who gets injured. So, before you criticize, maybe you ought to find out the facts. Then ask yourself, what is the survival rate of the beef in your hamburger? Do yourself a favour, get out of the ciry once in a while and find out about the real world.

I grew up in a family of ranchers & rodeo stars. In no way are these animals being abused. And I don’t think any of my family plan on retiring or having the entire rideo curcuit shit down because a few ppl can’t handle the so called animal abuse “it’s not animal abuse” as mentioned above these animals are well cared for by their stock contractors. They are tough & strong & aren’t retaliating or bawling which is what calves do when scared or in pain. There are so many other discusting places were animals are being abused & neglected for human entertainment where are the animal cruelty activists at these places ; circuses, aquariums, zoo’s. These animals get caught & locked up in a tiny cage to spend the rest if their lives so humans cans go look at them at their leisure. If u did not grow up on a ranch, spend much time on farms or ranches or if you don’t know much about Rodeo then of course you would have no clue to why ppl enjoy this type of sport. In all the years I’ve gone to rodes I’ve seen far more ppl get hurt than animals.

If “66% of people oppose this” that is likley because 66% of you have been living in cities your entire lives, surrounded by concrete and glass, far removed from reality and therefore frightened by strange things. At one time people questioned self appointed “experts” and did not automatically swallow what they were fed. It is ok that everyone is not familiar with the skills required to run a ranch and raise livestock, but it is not ok to accuse ranchers of abusing their livestock. It makes no sense to harm cattle that you depend on to support your family. All rural people do not all understand why you choose to pay 500,000 for a 300 sq ft condo, own huge dogs and complain if the price of milk goes up 2 cents, but we don’t call you names just because we don’t understand why you do that.

“VANCOUVER” Humane society!? Wtf are you doing at a rodeo miles and miles away from your city where I guarantee there are thousands of your own animals you could save. I’ve worked the chutes in the back of these rodeos and worked from dawn till dusk to feed them and water them and keep them healthy. These animals are not miss treated, most of them are treated like kings and queens. Unless you’ve spent a day in our shoes and actually seen what goes on behind the scenes, you can’t say a thing about it. Keep your nose out of other people’s business. Oh… and maybe you could put your energy into feeding and clothing all the homeless and starving people right in YOUR OWN CITY!!!

Animals do buck for fun! These animals are not stressed and even the cowboys who get bucked off enjoy seeing these often proud animals prance out of the arena.

Do you people realize that more Cowboys get hurt than an animals ever do in a rodeo. And most of these men that you call wants bees are the same men and women who put the food on your tables and in the fast food bag you pick up on your way to you city home. And are up way before you and go to sleep way after so that you can live a easy life and not have to provide for your self. What did you think food just appeared all by its self

Owen — so what if there are more cowboy/cowgirl injuries? Those cowboys and cowgirls CHOSE to do what they are doing. They weren’t forced into performing in front of a crowd. If they get injured, they only have themselves to blame. And are you really attempting to posit that people who happen to live in cities have literally no idea where their food comes from? That is ludicrous. Not to mention that large contingency of people here that never eat meat and don’t buy into the institutionalized cruelty that is inherent in the meat production industry.

I think if you spoke to the Cowboys of rodeo they would be sure to tell you there are more Cowboy/cowgirl injury percentage than there are live stock injuries. It’s a matter of tradition you either accept it or don’t!..its some peoples way of life!..there are gonna be protesters to everything!.. It’s just a way of life!.. We don’t protest your vegan/vegetarian choices!.

Brian – so what if there are more cowboy/cowgirl injuries? Those cowboys and cowgirls CHOSE to do what they are doing. They weren’t forced into performing in front of a crowd. If they get injured, they only have themselves to blame. And to attempt to justify these acts because they are a “tradition” is utter stupidity. Slavery was also a “tradition”, as was human sacrifice. So, why we did we choose to end those practices? And thirdly, let’s say someone did protest vegan choices – what exactly would they be protesting? What harm is veganism doing to anyone or anything?

I’ll bet at least half of the people who posted on this page also buy meat from walmart and places like that. You know where that meat comes from, and the process it goes through to get there? Just a thought….Might want to check that out.

Ange – are you really attempting to posit that people who happen to live in cities have literally no idea where their food comes from? That is ludicrous. People are very well aware that ranching exists and as you say – half of the people here buy their food from Walmart. But that indicates that the other half of the people here probably don’t eat meat at all because they are also cognizant of the inherent cruelty that takes place in ranching. But how does food production justify displaying these same cruel practices for entertainment in front of a crowd? Your argument makes no sense.

Basically what I’m getting from this, is everyone who’s claiming it’s abuse and it needs to be stopped has never actually been to a rodeo or stampede and interacted with the animals, they’re all very happy! The calves are trained for the roping, they know what to do and where to go, they don’t just take them fresh from their moms and send them into the arena. The the bulls and horses are in no way beat or harmed, several of the bucking horses are valuable saddle horses as well, there is one in the string that kids can ride and is a money earning halter horse. The percentage of animals hurt yearly is .056%, that’s about 30 animals in every 27,000 performances. They are well fed, and live a luxurious life, both while traveling as well as when they’re at home. Williams lake uses C+ Rodeo’s stock contractor and their animals are better taken care of than some peoples dogs or cats. If you want to see abuse look at the American quarter horse congress “western pleasure horses”. Bucking is a natural movement, they like it and do it for fun. The way pleasure riders make their horses move is unnatural and and ruins joints before they’re 10 years old, western pleasure riders use tools that rodeos just don’t allow anymore. Plus thoroughbred horses are raced at 2 years old, you aren’t even supposed to ride them until 3 or later as their joints are still soft and they’re still growing, then when they aren’t fast enough they’re sent to slaughter, do your research you sheep! A lot of horses getting sent for slaughter are rescued by rodeos. Open your eyes and stop believing what you’re told is cruel, as opposed to what is actually wrong.
Rant over.

Last comment, if you’re against animal abuse you’ll need to boycott Mabelline, Lysol, Aveeno, Almay, Caress, Kiegl’s, Glade, Chapstick, Vicks, Loreal, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Arm & Hammer, Windex, Mary Kay, Covergirl, St. Ives, Febreze, Clean % Clear, Old Spice, Johnson and Johnson, Dove, Coppertone, Comet, Vaseline, Secret, MAC, Listerine, TresSemme, Pantene, Pampers, Head & SHoulders, Avon and Bobbi Brown. These companies still test on animals, and these ones are kept in labs in small cages. Message me back in a few weeks and let me know how that’s going for you!

I don’t typically comment on anything online, because I feel I’m just joining in with all the “stupid” being smeared around. But after reading EVERY comment/reply, I can’t help myself lol..

First, I was born in Calgary AB… But I was raised entirely in LITTLE FORT BC. A skip & a jump from Williams Lake. I DID grow up around the farming/ranching lifestyle. Anyone heard of Little Fort’s Herefords? My house sat right across from the bull-pens just behind the unmistakable Big Red Barn that’s the 1st thing you see coming into my small town from any direction. A close family friend runs the feedlot here just out of Okotoks. Very longstanding ties are also held by my family with the Griffins of Cochrane AB. I DO KNOW what I’m talking about. And Rodeo IS inherently cruel. The day I watched a horse literally have its head blown off less than 20ft from me at the North Thompson Fall Fair in Barriere BC, I swore I would NEVER support a Rodeo again. You could imagine summer BBQs with MY family ever after, with my whole bloodline having to feed the ONLY AR Activist in attendance. So to everyone saying, “These city folk” or talking about how all of us Activists are meat-eating, hipster dipshits… Not all of us are. SOME of us have lived/lived around the Ranching & Rodeo lifestyle. I am one of them. Also, to every pro-rodeo person in this thread who’s chomping at the bit to spew hate and total b.s. back at me? I AM Vegan. I DON’T use ANY animal products whatsoever. I DON’T purchase items from the big companies OR their subsidiary companies who still choose to test on animals. I GROW my own produce and share it for free amongst my community & senior community members. There are MANY ways to build a sustainable future… yes, even in small places like Williams Lake, Barriere, 100 Mile, Clearwater… EVERYWHERE. Rodeo is NOT essential to an existence. When you’re confronted with the blatant truth, you are morally OBLIGATED to do something about it. Unfortunately, as it is sooooooo much easier to wilfully remain blind, there’s just no excuse for it. You’ll just have to get over that little fact.

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