Video from Sisters Rodeo captures rodeo bull jumping fence, tossing spectator

Cover photo: Jo-Anne McArthur \ We Animals Media.

Content warning: The video associated with this article shows a bull jumping over a fence and injuring a human.

Shocking video captures rodeo bull jumping fence, tossing spectator – National |

In video footage of the rampaging bull, people are seen scrambling out of the animal’s path as it charges through the Oregon fairgrounds.

This article from Global News highlights a recent video of a bull named Party Bus jumping over a fence at the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon and tossing a person into the air. Three people were injured in the incident, two of whom were taken to the hospital.

Roping, wrestling and bucking events take advantage of animals’ “fight, flight or freeze” fear response. This response provokes the behaviours expected in rodeo events, such as violent bucking and rapid fleeing. It can also lead to unpredictable behaviours that can be dangerous to both the animals and the humans around them.

Can you take the quick action to say no to inhumane and risky rodeos in your community?