Take action for plant-based progress in Canada (federal e-petition)

  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions as well as wide-scale animal suffering.
  • In 2023, nearly 859 million land animals were killed for food in Canada.
  • Moving toward a plant-based food system is a vital step for animal well-being and environmental protection.
  • A new parliamentary e-petition calls on the Government of Canada to take three plant-forward actions which would help meet its climate commitments.

Tell the government to take plant-forward action before October 8th

Moving toward a plant-based food system is one of the most significant changes our society can make for animal welfare and environmental protection. If every Canadian who eats animal products switched to plant-based food just one day each week, our nation would save nearly 123 million animal lives per year.

A new federal e-petition calls on the government to:

  • Educate Canadians on benefits of eating less meat, dairy, eggs and more plant-based foods in keeping with Canada’s Food Guide;
  • Require federal institutions and federally funded food programs (eg; National School Food Program) to procure more plant-based foods; and
  • Limit growth of industrial animal agriculture and support small-scale farmers using resilient, humane, sustainable farming practices.

Can you sign the petition before October 8th and help save millions of animals from suffering and slaughter?

Important: After you sign the petition, be sure to check your email and click the confirmation link to ensure your signature is counted.

A mother cow and calf on a farm sanctuary