Taiga needs surgery

18-month-old bull mastiff Taiga, is a growing pup full of energy. She recently tore her CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) whilst running up the staircase at her family home and urgently needs surgery to fix it.

The total cost of Taiga’s surgery and follow-up medication is estimated at $2,570; an amount none of us can imagine suddenly having to spend. Taiga’s owner Susan, is on disability and is struggling to find the funds for her surgery. That’s why she reached out to VHS for financial assistance from the McVitie Fund.

She is my emotional comfort animal and helps me cope with a chronic nerve pain medical condition. Sometimes I think Taiga is human. She is very funny and one of her quirks is sitting on the sofa like a person.

Susan, Taiga’s loving dog mom

Taiga is a huge part of Susan’s life. You can help keep this paw-some pair together by making a donation today to help cover the cost of Taiga’s CCL surgery. Thanks to an anonymous matching grant donor, your donation will also be doubled!