Helping sick and injured animals

These are the stories of animals who need your help. Click “help this animal hero” to learn more and see what is still needed to cover the costs of their veterinary care!

Urgent care for Quincy

Donate toward Quincy’s care Sweet Quincy needs urgent careWhen Quincy started bleeding significantly, her guardian Elaine rushed her to the to the vet. Quincy was diagnosed with a pyometra infection and needs urgent life-saving surgery.Elaine told the VHS, “She is the sweetest little girl who provides comfort to those with mental health issues. She means…

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Urgent care for George

Donate toward George’s care George needs urgent treatment for a concerning massMelissa has noticed a mass growing on her sweet 9-year-old cat, George’s, back. After an inconclusive biopsy result, the vet advised that the mass could be cancerous and recommended it be removed to give George the best chance at a healthy and happy future….

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Urgent care for Minou

Donate toward Minou’s care Donate to help Minou this Valentine’s DaySamantha noticed that her sweet companion, Minou, has been having trouble breathing for the last few days. A visit to the vet determined she will need an X-ray to diagnose the cause of the problem. Samantha has experienced some difficult life circumstances. Through it all, Minou has been her…

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Urgent care for Phoebe

Donate toward Phoebe’s care Phoebe needs urgent care after potentially ingesting a toxinWhen sweet Phoebe started excessively drooling, her loving guardian Dave became concerned and brought her to the vet. Upon arrival, the vet suspected Phoebe may have ingested something toxic. She will need urgent care to treat and monitor her condition, including bloodwork and…

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Life-saving care for Fluffy

Donate toward Fluffy’s care Fluffy needs life-saving care after being hit by a carWhen curious little Fluffy accidentally escaped her house, tragically she was hit by a car. Fluffy’s devastated guardian Kaylee rushed her to an emergency vet where they determined she has a fractured jaw that will need surgery.  Fluffy has received thoracic (spine) and skull x-rays and she will need…

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Urgent care for Achat

Donate toward Achat’s care Achat needs urgent treatment for a UTIWhen Achat started having trouble urinating and stopped eating, her loving guardian Matthew rushed to the vet. Senior girl Achat has otherwise been active and healthy for most of her life.The vet carried out bloodwork and a urinalysis and has determined that Achat has a…

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Urgent care for Zoey and Mabel

Donate toward Zoey and Mabel’s care Can you donate to the McVitie Fund this holiday season to help Zoey and Mabel get the urgent care they need?Zoey’s story Last week, Zoey’s guardian Michael reached out to the VHS for help. Zoey needed urgent surgery to treat a life-threatening pyometra infection. Thanks to kind donations toward the…

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The McVitie Fund

The McVitie Fund is named in memory of a little ginger cat named McVitie, who was rescued in Portugal and brought back to Canada by a VHS supporter. McVitie lived a long and happy life, but when he became ill, his guardian did everything he could to save him. After McVitie passed, his guardian wanted to help other people who find themselves without the resources to help their beloved pets.

Most of the people we help are in a financial crisis, or living on disability income or old age pensions. Their animals already have loving homes – we just help keep them there!

Our McVitie Fund is always stressed to the limit. There are so many animals in need! Your gift will mean we can say YES! to one more pet guardian who finds him or herself down on their luck and lacking funds to pay for emergency veterinary care for their precious friend.

Your support makes such a difference. Donate now to help an animal in need! Thank you for all the joy your bring and for all the animals you help keep in their forever loving homes!