Helping sick and injured animals

COVID-19 URGENT appeal for funds 

We are receiving an influx of calls from vulnerable individuals on low income, who need our help with urgent veterinary care for their companion animals. Please consider making a donation to support our veterinary care assistance program.

The McVitie Fund

The McVitie Fund is named in memory of a little ginger cat named McVitie, who was rescued in Portugal and brought back to Canada by a VHS supporter. McVitie lived a long and happy life, but when he became ill, his guardian did everything he could to save him. After McVitie passed, his guardian wanted to help other people who find themselves without the resources to help their beloved pets.

Most of the people we help are in a financial crisis, or living on disability income or old age pensions. Their animals already have loving homes – we just help keep them there!

Our McVitie Fund is always stressed to the limit. There are so many animals in need! Your gift will mean we can say YES! to one more pet guardian who finds him or herself down on their luck and lacking funds to pay for emergency veterinary care for their precious friend.

Your support makes such a difference. Donate now to help an animal in need! Thank you for all the joy your bring and for all the animals you help keep in their forever loving homes!

These are the stories of animals who need your help. Click “help this animal hero” to learn more and see what is still needed to cover the costs of their veterinary care!

Chance needed surgery for cherry eye

Donate Now Bev took little Chance in when he was just 6 weeks old. His mom had rejected all of the puppies in her litter and Bev wanted to give this puppy a chance – hence his name! Since adopting Chance, he has been Bev’s loving companion and best friend. Recently Chance has developed severe…

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Little Champagne urgently needed help

Donate Now Since Vonette rescued Champagne, this precious pup has served as her support animal and has been a wonderful addition to her life. When Champagne started having trouble urinating and passing blood one day, Vonette realised something was seriously wrong. I took her to the emergency clinic at 4am and the vet discovered that…

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Taiga needs surgery

Donate now to help Taiga 18-month-old bull mastiff Taiga, is a growing pup full of energy. She recently tore her CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) whilst running up the staircase at her family home and urgently needs surgery to fix it. The total cost of Taiga’s surgery and follow-up medication is estimated at $2,570; an amount…

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Mr. Earl needs our help

Donate Now Andrew and his son moved into his home seven years ago and was greeted by a grey cat that the previous tenants left behind. His family quickly formed a bond with the cat and decided to call him Mr. Earl. He immediately took to me and slept on my bed every night and…

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Duko’s urgent dental work

Donate Now Sweet Duko was taken into the loving care of owner Denise after being surrendered by his previous owner when they became homeless. When we first took Duko in we were not given any information on his health. We kept asking the previous owner but didn’t receive an answer. Finally, we got him signed…

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Help Proffit feel better again

Donate now Proffit the cat was rushed to the ER earlier this month when his owner Jacqui noticed he was having difficultly breathing. With a diagnosis of water in his lungs and congestive heart failure, he received emergency medical treatment and was kept in the clinic overnight for monitoring. The bill was $2,100 and I…

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Tank means everything to her family

Donate Now Tank is an active, athletic 3-year-old American bully/old English bully cross who means everything to her loving family. My son was born with only half a heart and has had three open heart surgeries and a stroke all before he was two and a half years old. Tank lets us know when he…

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