Helping sick and injured animals

These are the stories of animals who need your help. Click “help this animal hero” to learn more and see what is still needed to cover the costs of their veterinary care!

Urgent care for Arthur

Double your gift toward Arthur’s care Donate to help Arthur get back homeBeloved Arthur the dog is eager to get well and come back home to his loving family. Jodie, Arthur’s guardian, rushed him to the vet when he began urinating blood and vomiting. X-rays of Arthur have shown he is suffering from bladder stones…

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Life-saving care for Birdie

Can you donate to save Birdie? Birdie needs urgent veterinary care!Your compassion can help bring Birdie home healthy.When Esther returned to an eerily quiet home, her heart sank. Normally her kitten, Birdie, comes chirping towards her, his tail high, eager to sniff and greet her.In contrast to Birdie’s typical boundless energy, Esther found Birdie hiding…

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Life-saving care for Flynn

Can you donate to save Flynn? Flynn needs urgent veterinary care!Cherished family cat, Flynn, hopes you can help get him back home.His loving guardian, Josephine, noticed Flynn’s distress when he stopped eating. Alarmed, she rushed him to the vet where she was told he’d need to stay overnight to receive IV fluids. Josephine and her children…

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Urgent care for Simba

Donate toward Simba’s care Donate to help Simba this Valentine’s DaySimba is in a great deal of pain and unable to walk after his paw accidentally got caught in an automatic door on the way home. Simba’s guardian, Olivia, has recently been approved for disability assistance, but prior to that, she has been relying on her…

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Life-saving care for Bubba

Can you donate to save Bubba? Bubba needs urgent veterinary care!A defeated meow had brought Cassie rushing around the corner to find her beloved cat, Bubba, straining and failing to use the washroom.Bubba sat in his litter box, looking up at Cassie, eyes wide with confusion and fear. Quickly recognizing her friend needed help, Cassie…

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Gift a brighter future for animals

Can you grant a wish for animals before the end of the year? Learn how your gift makes a difference for animalsThis year, allies like you called for compassionate changes for farmed animals, animals used in entertainment, animals in captivity, and wild animals.As 2023 wraps up, your gift to animals suffering today will create a more peaceful…

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This year your gift brings pets safely home to their people

Gift pets their ‘home for the holidays’! Can you make a gift for animals in need of life-saving care?Because of supporters like you, hundreds of animals are spending the holidays healthy and at home with the people who love them most of all.But the McVite Fund is stretched to the limit as every day, devoted…

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The McVitie Fund

The McVitie Fund is named in memory of a little ginger cat named McVitie, who was rescued in Portugal and brought back to Canada by a VHS supporter. McVitie lived a long and happy life, but when he became ill, his guardian did everything he could to save him. After McVitie passed, his guardian wanted to help other people who find themselves without the resources to help their beloved pets.

Most of the people we help are in a financial crisis, or living on disability income or old age pensions. Their animals already have loving homes – we just help keep them there!

Our McVitie Fund is always stressed to the limit. There are so many animals in need! Your gift will mean we can say YES! to one more pet guardian who finds him or herself down on their luck and lacking funds to pay for emergency veterinary care for their precious friend.

Your support makes such a difference. Donate now to help an animal in need! Thank you for all the joy your bring and for all the animals you help keep in their forever loving homes!