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Urgent care for Arthur

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Beloved Arthur the dog is eager to get well and come back home to his loving family.

Jodie, Arthur’s guardian, rushed him to the vet when he began urinating blood and vomiting. X-rays of Arthur have shown he is suffering from bladder stones that are making it impossible for him to urinate properly. Arthur is in need of immediate care and hospitalization that is estimated to cost $3,000.

Jodie is a 21-year-old single mother and dedicated college student who has used up the entirety of the funds she has access to on tests to determine the cause of Arthur’s suffering.

Jodie told the VHS that through the most difficult and loneliest times of her life, Arthur has stood by her as a source of unwavering comfort.

Arthur shows the same patience and love to his two-legged brother. “My two-year-old son and Arthur have a beautiful bond. They are the best of friends,” Jodie told the VHS. As such an integral part of Jodie’s family, it would be devastating to lose Arthur.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, your gift will also be DOUBLED to have 2x the impact on getting Arthur the care he urgently needs.

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