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Birdie needs urgent veterinary care!

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When Esther returned to an eerily quiet home, her heart sank. Normally her kitten, Birdie, comes chirping towards her, his tail high, eager to sniff and greet her.

In contrast to Birdie’s typical boundless energy, Esther found Birdie hiding under the bed, staring at her with wide, fearful eyes. His sister, Moxie, seemed confused about why her beloved brother wouldn’t play with her like usual.

Esther coaxed the lethargic Birdie from under the bed and headed right to the vet.

There, Birdie received IV fluids along with tests and X-rays that revealed he has a severe intestinal blockage from swallowing a foreign object on one of his adventures. Without surgery, Birdie will not survive.

Esther rescued Birdie and his quieter sister, Moxie, because it was clear breaking up the duo was out of the question. When not chasing each other around the house, Birdie and Moxie can be found cuddling and grooming each other.

Esther can’t bear imagining how devastated Moxie would be if Birdie can’t return home.

Trying to make everything work while living on a low income, Esther had to borrow money from a friend to pay for Birdie’s initial treatment. She has no funds left for Birdie’s surgery.

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