Reform B.C. dog laws: Stop arbitrary seizures & euthanasia

“BC’s animal control system is unaccountable and extremely difficult to navigate for the average citizen. Dogs can be accused, seized, detained in inappropriate conditions and destroyed by animal control officers at their own discretion. Municipal animal control authorities and the courts struggle to interpret and apply vaguely written provincial laws while dog guardians scramble to save their lives.”

What if someone missed your companion dog’s warning cues and ended up with a bite? “Dangerous dog” laws in B.C. are vague and subjective, meaning the interpretation and enforcement of laws are often left up to individual officers. Dogs can be seized, detained, and euthanized as a result of these laws.

Rebeka Breder, an Animal Law Lawyer who has previously spoken on “dangerous dog” laws on the Vancouver Humane Society’s podcast, The Informed Animal Ally, says the system is “stacked against dogs and dog guardians”.

Take action to protect companion dogs

That’s why the creators of the documentary They Took My Dog have launched a petition to improve laws around “dangerous dogs”.

Sign the petition now to call on the B.C. government to provide transparency, accountability and oversight; clarity, humane reforms and fairness to dogs, guardians and the public; and to recognize that a dog’s best interests are worthy of consideration in all aspects.