Say no to federal ‘ag-gag’ bill targeting animal advocates


This action has now ended. Thank you to the 4,020 advocates who used the quick action to speak out against anti-transparency ag-gag bills. Please see the Current Campaigns page for more ways you can help protect farmed animals.

An ‘ag-gag’ bill that targets animal advocates and whistleblowers will soon go to a vote. Tell your Member of Parliament to say NO to Bill C-275.

Quick action: Tell your MP to say NO to Bill C-275

This action has now ended.

4,020 people used the quick action tool to oppose Bill C-275. Thank you for taking action.

What is Bill C-275?

Bill C-275 is a federal private member’s bill that, if passed, would target whistleblowers and undercover investigators who expose animal cruelty and welfare issues on farms. The bill calls for fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and jail time for offences by individuals and organizations. These types of concerning ‘ag-gag’ laws have been passed in some Canadian provinces including Alberta, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island and in the U.S. in recent years.

While decision-makers claim Bill C-275 will protect on-farm biosecurity by deterring trespassers, trespassing laws already exist and there are no documented cases of disease outbreaks having been caused by animal advocates. In fact, an Animal Justice report points to poor on-farm biosecurity practices as the cause of many disease outbreaks. The standard industry practice of keeping large numbers of animals in close confinement creates a prime environment for disease outbreak.

Instead of targeting animal advocates and whistleblowers who expose the conditions and treatment of animals on farms, the government should be addressing the conditions and treatment directly. Following a recent undercover expose of a B.C.-based slaughterhouse, the VHS is reiterating the urgent need for transparency and accountability within the animal agriculture sector.

Bill C-275 will soon be going to a vote in the House of Commons, making it crucial for Members of Parliament (MPs) to hear from constituents like you.