Plant-based progress spells good news for farmed animals

The District of North Vancouver has passed another plant-forward motion!

Thanks to the support of advocates in the District of North Vancouver, a recent motion to prioritize climate-friendly, healthy and humane plant-based food purchasing successfully passed at the May 6th council meeting!

The motion, put forward by Councillor Jim Hanson, calls on the District to ensure plant-based options are included and prioritized at municipal events, meetings and other gatherings where the District purchases food.  

The motion was supported by local advocates, members of the Plant-Based Cities Movement (PBCM), and VHS supporters who live in the District. The VHS and the PBCM have been working together to advocate for plant-based municipal policies and will continue to support the District of North Vancouver in the implementation of this successful motion. 

This important step forward follows a previous motion in the District passed in March 2022 to grow awareness throughout the community of the health and environmental benefits of increasing the intake of plant-based foods. That motion, championed by Councillor Megan Curren, cited VHS’s report entitled “Increasing Plant-Based Purchasing at the Municipal Level”.

Watch for plant-based bus ads in Vancouver 

Vancouver residents will soon be able to see new messages from the Vancouver Humane Society’s Plant University platform on buses across the city.

The ads will encourage people to eat more plants by highlighting the heart health benefits of a plant-forward diet.

If every person in Vancouver swapped just one day a week of animal-based foods for plant-based, they could save more than 37 million animals every year!

Find more reasons to eat more plants, recipes, tips, and a map of plant-based businesses on the VHS’s plant-based resource website, Plant University.