District of North Vancouver passes plant-forward motion

The District of North Vancouver has passed a motion to grow awareness throughout the community of the health and environmental benefits of increasing the intake of plant-based foods.

The motion, championed by Councillor Megan Curren, cited VHS’s report entitled “Increasing Plant-Based Purchasing at the Municipal Level”. The report was also cited in a motion unanimously passed by the City of Vancouver in November, which aimed to reduce animal-based food purchasing at the city level by 20%, to be replaced with plant-based foods.

You can read the full report, which outlines a case study of the impact of a 20% reduction in the volume of animal-based foods purchased at the City of Vancouver level, below. The report found that the proposed policy change would:

  • save up to $99,000
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 500 tonnes
  • save the equivalent of nearly 400 farmed animal lives on annual basis

Thank you to Councillor Curren and the rest of the District Council for taking this plant-forward and planet-friendly step!