Ask for Canada’s national school food policy to improve access to plant-based foods


This action has now ended. Thank you to the 771 advocates who used the quick action to tell decision-makers why plant-forward food policy is important to them. Please see the Current Campaigns page for more ways you can help farmed animals.

The government’s public questionnaire, intended to inform Canada’s national school food policy, fails to mention plant-based food.

The federal government was seeking public input until December 16th, 2022 via an online questionnaire on the future of a national school food policy. The goal was to expand school food programs across Canada to better provide healthy meals to children.

The questionnaire failed to mention anything about a shift to plant-based foods—a shocking misalignment with the government’s own food guide and climate targets.

A new national school food policy presents an important opportunity to align government policies and practices with the type of food system change that experts are urgently calling for.

Use the quick email tool to call on the federal government to ensure that a national school food policy reflects a much-needed shift toward a more sustainable, humane and healthy food system which prioritizes culturally-appropriate plant-based food consumption.

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This action has now ended.

771 people used this tool to share why plant-forward food policy is important to them. Thank you for taking action.

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The public questionnaire is now closed as of December 16th, 2022. To provide additional input on other elements of a national school food policy, please use the quick email tool above.

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