Maxwell and Dodie’s story

When Maxwell and his guardian Dodie needed veterinary support, VHS’s generous donors were here to help. Watch the video to hear their story.

Help families like Dodie and Maxwell

Maxwell’s story

When Maxwell began developing dry eyes which resulted in an eye infection, his guardian Dodie rushed him to the vet. There she received much-needed medication and his eyes began to improve. 

But Maxwell wasn’t out of the woods yet. His eye infection returned and Dodie feared that her beloved companion and support dog would lose his vision.

Maxwell’s guardian Dodie is on disability income and was struggling to cover the cost of his mounting veterinary bills. That’s why she reached out to VHS’s McVitie Fund for help.

With the help of VHS donors, Dodie returned Maxwell to the vet for tests and a new round of medication that she would need to administer daily. 

Just when it seemed that all was well, a follow-up visit revealed that Maxwell had signs of cardiac disease and the vet strongly recommended an echocardiogram (ECG) to assess the function of his heart.

Support through VHS’s McVitie Fund enabled Dodie to get the ECG for Maxwell. It found that he has stage B1 myxomatous mitral valve disease, which at this time is not significant enough to require treatment but will eventually require management through medication.

Dodie shared her gratitude with VHS donors, who made it possible to get Maxwell the urgent medical care he needed.

Dodie told VHS, “Maxwell has been with me since he was 6 weeks old. I have a vestibular nerve disorder as well as several other disabilities. I cannot tolerate motion and I have no sense of balance. Maxwell will lie on me during an attack, which counteracts the sense that I am spinning wildly. He will bring me fresh water, medications, certain foods, my phone, and a blanket. He does so much for me, it’s difficult to list it all.”

Maxwell’s veterinary care cost more than $1,500, and support from generous McVitie Fund donors meant his bills were covered in full.

Every gift to VHS’s McVitie fund supports families like Dodie and Maxwell’s to get the urgent veterinary care they need. Can you donate to help animals like Maxwell today?