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CBC to broadcast rodeo cruelty again

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CBC Sports is once again planning to broadcast the rodeo and chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede.

CBC continues to ignore the fact that a majority of Canadians are opposed to using animals in rodeos, as shown in recent polls.  Our national public broadcaster is supposed to reflect Canadian values.  Instead, it persists in broadcasting events that subject animals to fear, pain, stress and the undue risk of injury and death – all for the sake of entertainment.

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17 replies on “CBC to broadcast rodeo cruelty again”

CBC, come on, it’s time to stop promoting this barbaric spectacle thing they call rodeo. I mean the abuse is right there in front of your face. You even have it captured on camera, even though I know you know it’s wrong because you seem to pan away when you see an animal die or the calf’s tongue hanging out of it’s mouth because they’re choking the poor thing, or worse, have already broken its neck. So if you know it is wrong enough to pan away then you know it’s wrong. Is this really something you want to promote? I understand that everyone nowadays seems to make all their decisions based on money instead of ethics, but is this what you want to teach your children? Animals die every year at the Calgary Stampede. Some people who have no compassion say that’s just part of the game. Wow. I didn’t know any death was acceptable. Things don’t get any better for these animals year after year, so it’s time it stops completely. Obviously those running the show have no ethics, and neither do those participating. But, hey, they’ll continue the abuse as long as people pay them to abuse animals. They could have nice shows without doing any harm, but for some reason humans seem to want to see more abuse now more than ever. That might explain what is going wrong in this world. But CBC, you don’t have to be a part of it. If everyone took a stand and said, “No more,” just like how the circuses are no longer going to perform with elephants, then you can get back to just enjoying a party where no one gets hurt, and you can just cover people and animals being happy. We need more news stories of happiness.

Please stop being a contributor to animal cruelty. By broadcasting these events you are condoning the abusive behaviour. This is by no means entertainment it is in fact very disturbing.

CBC when are you going to wake up? This is 2016, if that resonates at all. Animals are not objects to be used for “entertainment” and especially not to be subject to such cruel and abusive treatment.

You guys think that you are big strong manly men because you can capture and abuse innocent beings? It’s disgusting and pathetic (from a hot chick in her 20’s)

Real cowboys don’t treat animals so cruelly. Is this really how the CBC wants to represent Canada? Through barbaric spectacle rather than representation of a genuine long-lived cowboy culture?

How people can pay to go see animal abuse it mind boggling. To bring your children to have a great family day supporting cruelty to animals is disheartening considering people now know what truly goes on there. Animals were NOT put on this earth for people to abuse or use for entertainment.

To all the people who need their egos stroked by doing this ridiculous sport or by watching it, stop, Just stop! Shame on cbc for promoting violence.

CBC STOP covering this unacceptable display of cruelty and abuse. I have a very good idea for all people who think that hurting and killing animal is a sport. Why don’t we change the roles- How if for example we squeeze your genitals and watch you jump? Thing about it perhaps Calgary would get even more tourist. Same story with the wagon race. You could have men pulling the wagon and being hit so that they would run faster. Again probably you’ll get a lot of people who like watching suffering!

Nonsense you say? What then gives the permission of the Calgary Stampede organizers to charge money to witness animal suffering???

I pay taxes and I totally disagree that my money is being used to sponsor such horrors. I assume that the various levels of govt. are also ”giving” money to the organizations. While in Canada children and seniors are living in poverty with no place to sleep at night.

The CBC footage almost always cuts at the most cruel point of animal terror and pain. Don’t sell out Canadians CBC. And if you are going to show this, don’t be two faced, show the true horror when the calf is bashed against the ground by a barbarian, tied, and nearly killed. Some do get killed. Maybe they are the fortunate ones, not having to die horrific deaths over and over for the fun and greed of humans.

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