Urgent Care

Urgent care for Huxley

Huxley needs an urgent diagnosis

Poor Huxley needs help getting an urgent diagnosis.
Huxley’s loving guardian, Wanda, has experienced a lot of loss recently. After the loss of a close family member, she lost her home and briefly had to stay in a women’s shelter while looking for safe housing. Since then, she has been staying with friends and family while saving up for a deposit on a new apartment for her and Huxley.

When Huxley began showing signs of an allergic reaction, Wanda immediately took him to the vet. There she was told he had an eye infection. A veterinarian determined that Huxley’s symptoms may be the result of Cushing’s Disease, which can cause fragile skin and infections.

Cushing’s Disease is a potentially life-threatening condition; with a diagnosis it can be managed through medication.

Wanda has prioritized Huxley’s care even though it meant using the apartment money she had been saving. She now has no funds left to help him and has reached out for help covering his bloodwork and diagnostic tests.

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Urgent Care

Urgent care for Finnick

Finnick needs to be hospitalized

Finnick had a rough start to his life, having been abandoned in a river along with his sister Hazel when they were young. Luckily, Finnick and Hazel were rescued by their loving guardian Nicholas and have been living happily together ever since. Finnick is an affectionate boy who loves to be held and cuddled.

Recently, Finnick began to show signs of diabetes—undiagnosed diabetes often leads cats to lose weight, despite eating and drinking more than usual. Nicholas immediately rushed him to the vet and did all he could at every step of the way to make sure Finnick was cared for.

Nicholas lives on a low income with disability assistance, and had to take on some debt to get Finnick the care he needed. After being tested, Finnick received a diagnosis and medication.

Unfortunately, sweet Finnick is not out of the woods yet. A reaction to his new medication dosage caused him to have a seizure in the middle of the night and he will need to be hospitalized.

Nicholas knows that Finnick can live a happy, healthy life as soon as his condition is properly managed; but he is out of options and needs help covering the costs of Finnick’s care. Can you donate today to help Finnick get the care he needs?

Urgent Care

Urgent care needed for Tiger

Tiger needs life-saving veterinary care

Update: Tiger’s care has been fully funded thanks to many generous donors.
Tiger’s guardian, Alan, became concerned with Tiger when she stopped eating and going to the bathroom. A visit to the emergency veterinarian identified that Tiger is having severe liver problems. Alan and the veterinarian believe that she is suffering from secondary poisoning after eating a mouse that got into the house after consuming rodenticides from a nearby property. Tiger is now hospitalized at the vet and the veterinary bills are expected to be around $3,000.

Alan is a senior who is coping with disability and needs some help getting Tiger well again.

Alan told VHS, “When she was growing up as a kitten, she would follow me and cling to my leg. She means so much and she is the only family I’ve got. I recently lost two friends and Tiger is a big support.”

Tiger is only 7 years old and has a lot of love still to give in her life. Can you help Tiger get better by donating?