Urgent Care

Urgent care needed for Tiger

Tiger needs life-saving veterinary care

Update: Tiger’s care has been fully funded thanks to many generous donors.
Tiger’s guardian, Alan, became concerned with Tiger when she stopped eating and going to the bathroom. A visit to the emergency veterinarian identified that Tiger is having severe liver problems. Alan and the veterinarian believe that she is suffering from secondary poisoning after eating a mouse that got into the house after consuming rodenticides from a nearby property. Tiger is now hospitalized at the vet and the veterinary bills are expected to be around $3,000.

Alan is a senior who is coping with disability and needs some help getting Tiger well again.

Alan told VHS, “When she was growing up as a kitten, she would follow me and cling to my leg. She means so much and she is the only family I’ve got. I recently lost two friends and Tiger is a big support.”

Tiger is only 7 years old and has a lot of love still to give in her life. Can you help Tiger get better by donating?