Urgent Care

Urgent care for Huxley

Huxley needs an urgent diagnosis

Poor Huxley needs help getting an urgent diagnosis.
Huxley’s loving guardian, Wanda, has experienced a lot of loss recently. After the loss of a close family member, she lost her home and briefly had to stay in a women’s shelter while looking for safe housing. Since then, she has been staying with friends and family while saving up for a deposit on a new apartment for her and Huxley.

When Huxley began showing signs of an allergic reaction, Wanda immediately took him to the vet. There she was told he had an eye infection. A veterinarian determined that Huxley’s symptoms may be the result of Cushing’s Disease, which can cause fragile skin and infections.

Cushing’s Disease is a potentially life-threatening condition; with a diagnosis it can be managed through medication.

Wanda has prioritized Huxley’s care even though it meant using the apartment money she had been saving. She now has no funds left to help him and has reached out for help covering his bloodwork and diagnostic tests.

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