Another horse has died at Hastings Racecourse

Racehorse dies after escaping Vancouver stable and running into wall, marking 5th death of 2023

Another horse has died at the Hastings Racecourse, bringing the 2023 death toll to five.

Another horse has died at the Hastings Racecourse, confirmed the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), the regulatory body of B.C.’s horse racing industry.

“How many more incidents will it take for organizers to address the unnecessary risks posed to these sensitive and intelligent animals, who are forced into stressful and dangerous events week after week?” VHS Communications Director Chantelle Archambault responded.

She also argued officials should be more forthcoming with information about these incidents, noting that it took the GPEB eight days to respond to VHS’s September 18 inquiry about the latest death.

“The GPEB’s delayed response is concerning,” said Archambault. “The public should be asking themselves what is being done to keep these horses safe; and if they can’t be kept safe, how transparent will organizers and regulators be about the tragic consequences?”