B.C. government asking for approval to kill wolves

The B.C. government is seeking a five-year approval for a continued wolf cull program, which if granted would total 12 years of killing wolves in a bid to recover caribou herds decimated by habitat destruction. Since the B.C. government started killing wolves in 2015, 1,429 wolf lives were taken by aerial weapon use.

Scientists confirm there is no statistical support for this measure and that the study used to support this policy is flawed.

The government survey is running until November 15. You can take the short survey here:

Credit: We Animals

Tips on filling out the survey

For tips on filling out the survey, consider the following suggested responses to support humane conservation efforts:

PageQuestionSuggested response
1N/AReview as desired, scroll to bottom, click “Take the survey
2N/AReview as desired, scroll to bottom, click “Next”
31. Since the 1990s, B.C.’s caribou population has declined from 40,000 to approximately 15,000. What do you consider to be the three greatest causes of this population decline?Responses related to habitat destruction and urbanization
2. How important is the recovery of caribou in B.C. to you?“Very important”
3. Why is caribou recovery important to you?Respond as relevant
41. Do you spend time in areas where predator reduction for caribou recovery is being considered?Respond as relevant
2. Are you aware of the reasons the Province of B.C. states for the need to reduce predators to recover caribou?“Yes”
3. Do you agree predator reduction is a necessary action for caribou recovery?“Strongly disagree”
3a. If you disagree with predator reduction for caribou recovery, please tell us why?“It is inhumane”; “Other” responses can indicate there is no statistical support for this measure
4. Are there any herds that you feel should be added to or removed from predator reduction for caribou recovery?Respond as relevant
5. What other caribou recovery actions do you feel are important to implement?Responses indicating habitat related actions first, and conservation breeding/maternal penning/predator reduction last
All remaining questionsRespond as relevant & complete the survey

Thank you for taking the time to speak up for wolves!