Media Release

Vancouver proclaims May 15 Meatless Monday

Media release

April 10, 2017

Vancouver proclaims May 15 Meatless Monday

Metro mayors urged to follow suit

Vancouver – The City of Vancouver has proclaimed May 15 Meatless Monday and the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is calling on other Metro Vancouver municipalities to join the Meatless Monday movement with their own proclamations of support.

A number of institutions throughout Metro Vancouver are participating in the movement, including ten schools offering meatless dishes on their Monday menus. VHS has supported student groups and food service providers in bringing the initiative to their cafeterias by sharing tips, best practices and resources and helping to promote the concept.

Meatless Monday is a global initiative, active in more than 30 countries and growing in popularity in Metro Vancouver. The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about the impact of food choices and improving access to humane, healthy and sustainable food options.

VHS has written to mayors and councils in Metro Vancouver, explaining the concept and encouraging them to pass a similar proclamation in solidarity with not only the City of Vancouver, but also the schools, organizations and residents who are actively participating.

“We’re thrilled that Vancouver is supporting this initiative. As a city committed to developing food systems that are sustainable and that support community well-being, Vancouver is taking a step in the right direction,” said Emily Pickett, VHS’s Program Coordinator. “This also serves as an inspiration for those looking to do their part to help tackle issues like factory farming, climate change and public health.

“Every time we sit down to eat, we have the chance to stand up for a kinder, cleaner and healthier community. This is what Meatless Monday is all about and we’re encouraging Metro Vancouver residents to join us on Monday, May 15 in this effort.”