Urgent Care

Urgent care for Shailoh

Shailoh needs surgery to remove a growth.

Shailoh is an incredible companion to her guardian, Francis. Francis struggles with anxiety and depression, and Shailoh gives her the emotional support she needs to get out of the house.

While Shailoh was shy at first, she quickly opened up with Francis’s loving care. She is amazingly communicative; she will tap her water bowl for a cold refill and rest her head on Francis’s shoulder when she wants to jump up.

Sadly, Shailoh recently developed a benign growth on one of her mammaries. The vet predicts that without treatment, the growth will burst within a matter of weeks or months, putting Shailoh’s life at risk. With help, however, she has many years of love left to give.

Francis can’t bear the thought of losing her beloved companion. She lives on a very low income and reached out for support covering the costs of Shailoh’s care. Can you help?

Your gift will make double the difference as all donations toward veterinary support are currently being matched by an anonymous donor up to $25,000.