Urgent Care

Urgent care for Smokey

Smokey needs urgent care after being rescued from a fire.

Earlier this week, a team of first responders rescued a cat from a serious apartment fire; she was immediately taken to the vet for treatment.

This sweet cat has minor burns, was suffering from dehydration, and is undergoing treatment after being exposed to smoke and extreme heat. Sadly, the cat’s guardian was airlifted to hospital for treatment also and is unreachable, therefore the vet does not know the cat’s name. They are currently referring to her as “Smokey”.
Smokey was showing signs of shock and wouldn’t eat or drink, so the vet started her on IV fluids immediately. It is unclear what the total cost of Smokey’s care will be but the Vancouver Humane Society is hoping to relieve some of the financial pressure from her guardian during this very difficult time.

Can you donate today to help Smokey recover and ensure she can eventually be reunited with her guardian?