Urgent Care

Urgent care for Monkey

Monkey needs urgent help

Monkey needs urgent surgery after a coyote attack!
Monkey is the star of Jill’s household. Even though Jill lives on a very limited income, she puts Monkey first and bends over backwards to make sure this sweet girl has everything she needs. She found support to get Monkey spayed and vaccinated and gives her constant love and care.
So when Monkey escaped from the house, Jill and her daughter were distraught. They searched for her all night but couldn’t find her. When Monkey finally returned in the morning, she was badly injured from what looks like a coyote attack.
Jill immediately brought Monkey to the vet, who explained that Monkey will need urgent surgery to close her wounds and prevent serious, potentially life-threatening infection. The vet has generously offered to provide the surgery at cost, but sadly Jill still does not have the funds (about $600 + tax) it will take to cover Monkey’s unexpected emergency.
Can you donate toward Monkey’s urgent surgery and help bring her home?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.