Making a kinder world: Because They Matter

The moment the Because They Matter team arrived in Pigeon Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the change in the atmosphere was palpable. Residents of the neighbourhood immediately came up to the table, eager to pick up much-needed supplies for their beloved animal companions.

Each person who connected with the team had a unique journey, and all had incredible bonds with their pets.

Here are some of the amazing people and pets who visited the Vancouver Humane Society’s table in Pigeon Park and spoke with the VHS street teams in the surrounding neighbourhood.

In all, Because They Matter event participants handed out thousands of pet supplies and around 300 pamphlets about the Vancouver Humane Society’s veterinary assistance programs! 

The VHS’s veterinary support programs help animals get the care they need while staying with their loving families. There is a growing need for these programs in our community, and meeting that need is only possible through kind gifts from generous animal lovers.

Can you make a donation toward VHS’s $15,000 Because They Matter fundraising goal to help animals and the people who love them?