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Rodeo Recap: Calgary Stampede 2019

In case you missed it, here’s our recap of this year’s Stampede:

Six chuckwagon horses died during this year’s 10-day Calgary Stampede, with five dying or being euthanized as a result of injury, and one horse being euthanized for an “unrelated medical issue.”


This brings the total number of non-human casualties to 102 since 1986 (PDF), with almost 70 of those animals being chuckwagon horses. (Two humans have died either during chuckwagon races or as a result of injuries sustained during a race.)

a steer is killed in competition

Leading up to and during the Stampede we called on compassionate Canadians to contact the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association to voice their concerns surrounding the use of animals in rodeo, with over 6000 individuals joining our campaign.


Following this year’s stampede the CBC have visualized the data we have collected since 1986, meaning you can easily see the deaths by year or by event

Now, as the dust settles, and Stampede officials begin reviewing chuckwagon racing, you have an opportunity to be heard. We are urging everyone to contact both the Stampede and the CVMA through our website to let them know that these races are not safe and must be drastically changed through consultation with impartial experts or banned altogether.

Want to do more? You can donate online to our rodeo campaign and receive an immediate tax receipt thanks to Canada Helps. Not only that, but a generous donor is MATCHING all donations up to $10,000, so your donation will be doubled for a limited time!