Greater Vancouver Zoo plans to breed red pandas again

New red panda, ‘Paprika,’ arrives at Greater Vancouver Zoo

A new red panda has arrived at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Named “Paprika,” the new critter is being brought in as a partner for another red panda, Arun.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is once again planning to breed red pandas a continent away from their native habitat. Without a reintroduction plan in place, they will spend their entire lives in captivity.

“‘This important introduction is a part of our species survival plan for Red Pandas and will hopefully lead to future little Red Panda cubs! (we hope ??),’ the zoo said on Facebook.”

The two red pandas born at the zoo in 2022, Maple and Mei Mei, were moved to Assiniboine Park Zoo in Manitoba and Zoo de Granby in Quebec.

Captivity and conservation are not the same thing. Here are a few questions to ask to find out if a conservation program helps wildlife.

  1. Does it make a tangible difference for animals in the wild?
  2. Does it protect natural habitats and/or address the threats species face in the wild?
  3. Does it support the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native wildlife in their natural habitats?
  4. If captive breeding occurs, is there a plan in place to reintroduce animals into their native habitats when they are old enough to survive in the wild?

The Vancouver Humane Society is calling for meaningful changes to prevent the suffering of animals in captivity.