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Why no action on dairy farm cruelty?

Worker about to beat cowNR


It has been almost seven months since the BC SPCA recommended charges against eight employees of a Chilliwack dairy farm, who allegedly whipped, punched and kicked cows at the farm.  Yet Crown Counsel has yet to announce whether the charges will be approved.

Video of the alleged beatings was released by the animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals, following work by an undercover investigator.  The BC SPCA, acting on this evidence, subsequently raided the farm and recommended animal cruelty charges under the Criminal Code.

Graphic video and photos from the undercover investigation were carried by news media across the country, shocking and outraging many Canadians.  Chilliwack Cattle Sales, the operator of the dairy farm, was the focus of intense public criticism and boycotts of milk from the farm were organized.

Despite the clear and overwhelming concern, Crown Counsel has still not responded to the BC SPCA’s recommendation.  Local news media have quoted the BC SPCA stating that the delay “is not typical of SPCA-recommended charges.”

VHS supporters, who worry that animal cruelty is not taken as seriously as it should be by our justice system, have expressed  concern that this case is perhaps not being pursued as vigorously as it should be.

VHS has contacted the Crown Counsel office to reiterate this concern and to enquire about progress on this case.  We are currently awaiting a reply.  It is our view that the public expects animal cruelty cases to be taken extremely seriously and that this case should be treated as a priority.



5 replies on “Why no action on dairy farm cruelty?”

If these were dogs or cats being abused it would be front page news; but because the animals being abused are considered ‘food’ no one wants to raise a fuss and disrupt their diets!

This can no longer be tolerated. It is time for conscious people to stand up for ALL animals rights leaving the unconscious people with no choice but respect the law! Please provide a petition, I would like to sign!

The Stanley Cup rioters have been hunted down and charged. I think the horrible acts committed against these helpless animals are a much greater crime than those committed by the rioters.
I would like to see those responsible for the abuse charged, jailed, fined and publicly named just as the rioters were charged and named.

What is taking so long and the longer it takes to punish these people the more people believe they can get away with harming animals/livestock… I want to be in a Province/Country that does not believe in letting ABUSERS free.. remember persons who are capable of hurting animals, sometimes in the most sadistic ways, are more than likely hurting a human… Take a look at their relationships if they have any bet you they are pretty dark …. Fix this problem now I say.. Do not let it go another day longer…

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