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New film exposes sled dog cruelty



You can help by drawing attention to this important documentary

A new documentary is exposing serious animal welfare problems in the sled dog industry in North America.  The film, Sled Dogs, is being screened at this year’s Whistler Film Festival in British Columbia in December.

VHS, which was interviewed for the film, has always been opposed to sled dog racing and touring.  After the infamous 2010 massacre of surplus sled dogs in Whistler, we called for a ban on the industry but the provincial government chose instead to introduce standards for the treatment of sled dogs (which we believe are inadequate and ineffective).

In a press release, the film’s director, Fern Levitt, says: “This film comes at a critical moment when the public is waking up to the treatment of animals and demanding change. The audience will be outraged when they discover the legal abuse of ‘man’s best friend’ under the guise of sport and entertainment. This is a timely documentary and a definitive call for action.” 

Take action 

Please view the film’s trailer here and comment. You can express opposition to the tethering of sled dogs and “culling” by gunshot. (You can view VHS’s position on the sled dog industry here.)

If you are able to attend the Whistler Film Festival we encourage you to see this film. Tickets will be available through the festival’s website.

Please share this information and let other people know about this important film.

Please donate to VHS to support our work on important issues like this.

4 replies on “New film exposes sled dog cruelty”

I agree. I wrote a letter to the guy who is doing that reality show in Whistler and asked what kind of treatment the sled dogs they using on the show were getting. No answer.
I do expect to get much help or compassion from our Premier who will not take action and stop Trophy Hunting. We need to get rid of her.
I am so glad you have done this film and are showing it in Whistler where the killing of the sled dogs took place I think of it often and shed a tear for those dear souls.
God Bless you and I wish much luck.
Lynda Baker
Squamish Nation West Vancouver

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