VHS is helping women and pets in crisis

Accessing housing when you have a pet is difficult. Accessing housing when you are a single woman with a pet and a limited income is nearly impossible. VHS’s Helping Women and Pets in Crisis program aims to change that. VHS is working in partnership with shelters and transition houses to break down housing barriers for women with pets and to assist with necessary veterinary costs. Partnerships with agencies like North Shore Crisis Services (NSCS) will ensure these supports are available to women who are fleeing domestic violence and in otherwise vulnerable situations.

Currently, individuals facing a period of low or no income can face major barriers accessing veterinary care. Many are forced to choose between treating their beloved pet’s medical emergency and affording their own necessities. This was the case for Mariam, who reached out to VHS after her cat Odin became ill. “We spent our rent money to get him medicine in the hospital to prevent him from suffering. I accepted that I would have to go without some basic needs and put off rent for a couple of months to catch up financially.”

Thanks to you, the Helping Women and Pets in Crisis program covered part of Mariam’s urgent veterinary costs so that she could access care for Odin and maintain her family’s housing. You can learn more or donate to this valuable program here.