Support for women and pets fleeing homelessness

Will you match our $30,000 grant for a bigger impact?

Women and pets experience homelessness in more potentially dangerous ways than men. Women are uniquely affected by homelessness because they are less likely to appear in shelters, drop ins, public spaces or access social services. They may continue living in a risky situation, such as staying on couches or living with a person who is abusive, to avoid shelter situations that feel unsafe and ensure their pet has housing.

Women with pets as their family are more difficult to house and many facilities do not have the knowledge or capacity to address the animal health issues that come with housing pets short-term.

Thanks to generous funding provided by PetSmart Charities® of Canada, over the next year we will be partnering with social service agencies to decrease the barriers to pets entering housing. With your help, even more women and their pets will be able to escape homelessness.

Your donation today will fund:

  • Preventative care, including deworming, de-fleaing and vaccinations, to ensure that frequent changeover within the facility does not lead to zoonotic disease issues.
  • For cats, dogs and small animals experiencing medical issues, funding will ensure their acute issues are remedied as part of their preventative medicine appointment, ensuring that there is only a one-time examination to address multiple issues.
  • As the project grows, we hope to also offer assistance with behaviour issues.

With your matching donation, we aim to assist more than 100 animals over the next year. Our hope is that these pets can continue to be a valued family member, providing the mental health supports that women in crisis need. Their animal companions will no longer serve as a barrier, preventing women from accessing services.